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WolfPac Fighting Alliance

Org name: WolfPac Fighting Alliance
Kickboxing Hype:
TWGC Hype:
Fighters signed: 94
Number of events: 48
Base: Helsinki
Owner: Matthew White
Ranking (Global): 19
Ranking (City): 1
Satisfaction rating: 97% from 15 ratings.
Smack talk: Smack talk thread
Merch partner: FinnFighter Nutrition (Five 160Q supps!)
About us: Welcome to the FEAST!! Here at WPFA we go for heavy hitting fights that consist of bone-crunching grappling. Only the best will be the Alpha Male of the divisions! Will you be an Alpha or tonight's dinner? Let the FEAST Begin!
Latest News: 2019 WPFA Awards
  Fighter of the Year- Ivan Samsonov

Samsonov has been the most dominant fighter of the past year. After taking out everyone in the 265 tournament, Ivan became the first ever Heavyweight champion in WPFA and the only champion the heavyweight division has seen. He has defended his title 4 successful times, including against kickboxing legend Kingsley Brown and NSC veteran Jim Bob McDonald.

Prospect of the Year- Jani Koskinen

Koskinen had an incredible year that can only be described in one word: Dominant. After destroying everyone in his path in route of becoming the first ever Light Heavyweight champion in WPFA. The true definition of WPFA bred, “The Alpha Male” has successfully defended his title 4 times with only one of those defenses going the distance.

Fight of the Year- Patty Larkin vs Finn The Human

Larkin and Human put on a classic back at Thoroughbred Thursday V. After a dominant first round by Finn The Human, it looked as if he was destined to win the fight till Larkin was able to take the fight to the ground. After a round and a half of back and forth action, the judges came to a close decision. With one judge calling the fight a draw and the other 2 calling for a 29-28 decision, Patty Larkin won by majority decision.

Knockout of the Year- Heller Cabrera

Cabrera had a unique and vicious knockout at WPFA VI: Copeland vs Ahvenus that has really helped him establish himself in the 145 division. After having a war of a first round against Petar Popajic, Cabrera landed a left and a right that put his opponent on the ground. Just as Popajic was sitting up, Heller landed a flying punch that put the competition to sleep.

Submission of the Year- Pierce Harper

Harper had an amazing counter submission at Thoroughbred Thursday V that rocked the 170 division. Harper and former 170 Champion Ronnie Johnsen were having an all-out war trading shots back and forth; taking each other down and pummeling each other. Late in the second round of this amazing battle, Johnsen threw a punch from within Harper’s guard and was caught with a quick armbar to end the fight.
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Division Fighters Avg. Age Avg. ID Avg. Hype Notes
135 0 0 0 0 NA
145 17 24 352818 52 350K+
155 15 29 323304 111 300K+
170 14 23 353255 47 350K+
185 14 30 319722 83 NA
205 18 22 353075 62 345K+
265 16 29 320696 126 300K+
265+ 0 0 0 0 NA
Upcoming Events
Dominance VIII 2020-03-31 Helsinki
WPFA XVII: Merel vs Farmery 2020-04-04 Amsterdam
WPFA Hall of Fame 2020-04-24 London
Today's Events / Recent Events
Thoroughbred Thursday XI 2020-03-26 Helsinki
WPFA XVI: Active vs Princip 2020-03-21 Helsinki
Dominance VII 2020-03-17 St Petersburg
Thoroughbred Thursday X 2020-03-12 St Petersburg
WPFA XV: Tiotio vs Alatalo 2020-03-07 Amsterdam

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Top 20 Ranked Fighters (MMA)
  Name Rank
1 Mikko Alatalo 191
2 Louis Princip 210
3 Vincent Lemieux 246
4 Ara Tiotio 249
5 Alexandru Mircea 253
6 Radio Active 356
7 Coral Sea 433
8 Jani Koskinen 438
9 Mark Merel 500
10 Ivan Samsonov 579
11 Heller Cabrera 618
12 Travis Copeland 700
13 Radio Philips 758
14 Bruce Vanorden 769
15 Jamie Oliver 798
16 Ricardo Del Brophy 865
17 Donald Trumpet 881
18 Bobby Bobblehead 932
19 Malaki Lima 936
20 Philip Farmery 986
Weight Name Last Win
145 Heller Cabrera Jackson Pen
155 Louis Princip Radio Active
170 Jamie Oliver Bob Saget
185 Mark Merel Rodney Alcala
205 Jani Koskinen Krisko Kurtev
265 Mikko Alatalo Ara Tiotio

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Staff / Contacts
Owner:   Matthew White
Scout: Jared Hicks
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