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HIGHLAND 1 - Preview

Event Preview: Highland 1
2021-02-22, The Island, The Underground - The Island
Author:Callum McGregor

 So, it's been 7 years since I got to have a first event preview. Highland Games 1 featured Barney Gumble, Light HeavyWeight and Jake Theodorou, 3 names that would become synonymous with the brand over the next two years. But that's in the past. This is all about looking to the future, and that begs the question; which of these names will become synonymous with the new Highland brand on this Island season?


Heavyweight - Mike Cozad (0-0) Vs Malcolm Scobie (0-0)

So who is Mike Cozad? That's the r

Episode II: A Child’s Cry

Carnage , Nutrition Company, Las Vegas
Company profile by Cheorge Guvalo



Episode II: A Child’s Cry



Wednesday February 17th – 11:34AM

Outside of a daycare centre in Las Vegas, Nevada, a boy is sitting on the stairs, head in hands. Every few seconds his chest heaves, and his tiny little body spasms as if it is trying to shake something loose. A cold perhaps? Covid? Your mind is already turning away from him - should have worn a mask kid - and you feel the briefest bit of shame for being so callous. As you get closer, you hear that that he’s crying. No, not crying, but sobbing. Unfiltered and traumatic, it pierces your heart and you are about to approach when a man sits down next to him, wrapping his big arms around the boy and holding him close. Undefined words of encouragement and reassuring whispers, the boy finally looks up, wiping tears and snot from his face.


“Do you want to tell me what happened?” the man (his father you now

Sign or strip, that's the question.

Fighter profile of Paddy Mcgillicutty by Bjorn O'Donnel

Paddy "360°" Mcgillicutty

Now that both Panic and myself have been offered the title fight, this thing might

Sucker Punch Pro Series 42 - Event Review

Event Review: Sucker Punch Pro Series 42
Sucker Punch Pro Series 355k+
2021-02-20, Sydney, Hard Knocks - Sydney
Attendance:3,000, Event Rating:196
Author:Hare Rumpler

Hello again Sucker Punch fans!  I’m Hare Rumpler and I’ll be joined here in the booth by my pal and analyst Donkey “Dan” and I can’t tell everybody how thrilled I was with the results from SPPS 42!  We had an exciting night over at Hard Knocks – Sydney a couple of days ago and it turned into one of, if not THE, highest rated event we’ve had to date!  That’s amazing as we didn’t stack the card with a bunch of title fights or anything like that!  Nope, instead our boys here at Sucker Punch just brought the heat and excitement and had Sydney rocking with the energy coming from SPPS 42! 

Before we get to that though, I want to take a moment to discuss some recent events over in the forums here for the Yearly Awards.  As some of you may already know Sucker Punch Pro Series was nominated for the ID Restricted Org of the Year and I’m extremely humbled and honored to say

Kings of Madness Welterweight Opening round recap

Event Review: MMMA Kings of Madness 5 (WW)
Madness MMA (370K)
2021-02-13, Los Angeles, King Theatre
Attendance:4,600, Event Rating:187
Author:Ridhal Gregor




HFC 61 - Mendoza vs Slugs - Preview

Event Preview: HFC 61 - Mendoza vs Slugs
2021-02-20, New York, Empire Indoor Arena
Author:Alexei Smirnov

  HFC 61 - Mendoza vs Slugs - Preview

Hello MMA fans, I'm Alexei Smirnov and welcome to your preview for HFC 61. HFC has been on a streak of amazing events and I don’t think this will be any different! Even though there are no title fights there are some really big fights. The fans in New York are in for a good one!


Ginger Lee vs Alec Wolfe

My pick: Wolfe Via TKO (Strikes)

Shane Stead vs Paul Boxaaja

My pick: Stead Via Unanimous Decision


Sucker Punch Pro Series 43 - Event Preview

Event Preview: Sucker Punch Pro Series 43
Sucker Punch Pro Series 355k+
2021-02-24, Sydney, Hard Knocks - Sydney
Author:Hare Rumpler


Sucker Punch Pro Series 43



Urban Fighter in New York continues the tradition of providing stylish clothing for great prizes. Need to stand out on your way to the cage? Come and see what Urban Fighter has in store for you!

Contact: Alika Webb
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Highland 2 Preview

Event Preview: Highland 2
2021-02-26, The Island, The Underground - The Island
Author:Callum McGregor

 Just go to the link posted below to check out the Highland 2 preview!

Click here for more

Bigness Center opens on the Island

Walter J Abramowitz Center for Bigness, Gym, The Island
Company profile by Magnus Bjornford

Are you tired of training with hundreds of other sweaty dudes? Is the lack of effective sparring making you flaccid? You're in luck. The Center for Bigness has seen the void on the Island and is stepping in to fill it. Fitness Coach, BJJ coach, Boxing coach, all in the first week! Additional coaches will be added for each 25 members. Don't kid yourself, you don't have anything else to spend your fighter's starting 1700 on... put it towards the best, most effective training possible! 

Editorial Staff
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