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Strike Like a Bass

Fighter profile of Ronnie Bass by Andrew Wittig

In the world of MMA, there is a brand that sticks out to many for their low blows and ownerships continuing to not only look the other way, but highly encourage low blows and cheap shots.    That company is none other than Sucker Punch, and the fighters within the organization love it.
Joining SP at a young age, after only three fights at the amateur QFC ranks, was a young hard hitting striker named Bass.   Going 3-0 at QFC, all wins by (T)KO (2 of them 1st minute go to sleep bitch KO's) Bass decided he wanted to take a shot at the pros.  As he looked at some of the organizations who he could sign on with, only two names really stood out as candidates, BFC and SP.  His buddy Ziggy went over to BFC and bid him to join, but Bass always fancied himself a street fighter, and the whole "low blows welcome" just seemed like an organization giving his guys another way to win... or lose, should you get caught.
BFC was great, had some great competition, but someth

Aloha Hoi HW Grand Prix (350K)

Stoner Fight League, Fight Organization, Amsterdam
Company profile by Chris Karter

The ALOHA HOI HEAVYWEIGHT GRAND PRIX is being hosted at the SFL for 350K Heavyweight Prospects with a variable multi-million dollar prize pool. Aloha "Pineapple Head" Hoi is a member of the old guard and former Blitz Heavyweight Champion from the legendary Rio-based fight team Tosen's Home For Lost Boys. The Hawaiian goliath racked up 31 knocko

BK MMA Fight league

DK MMA Fight League (368k), Fight Organization, London
Company profile by Dean Bailey

 DK MMA fight league, firsts event kicks off in 1 month. Dirty knights 1 @ Wild Bob's Bar in london with the main event "Pitbull" Tom Faire 4-1-0 Vs Tenur "TD" Densil 0-1-0 both making there DKFL debut's. Our co-main events Jacky wolfe 1-1-0 Vs Samuel "big Sam" Jenkins 1-0-0 both also making their DKFL debut's and Jean Paul "La Rocher" Lefleur (Pro debut) Vs Papa Vip 2-1-0, DKFL debut. With ten mouth watering fights on the card. This promises to be a knock out event. Word from the owner is there is still many places in the divisons to fill and he is open to more fighters wanting to step up to the plate and prove themselves. 


Paddy Mcgillicutty pees pants, ducks fight

Fighter profile of Satanic Panic by Freako Wimp

Huge props to Drnold for stepping in at the last minute, after a certain Printing Press Pussy left Panic hanging for close to two weeks.


Ahead of the fight, the newly named Satanic Panic would like to make a statement.



Satanic Panic


Greetings, all, and praise be to the Great Deceiver.

Immediately after signing with my new management, I pushed for a title defense against Paddy Mcgillicutty, as I figured his illustrious career and well-deserved hype merited a crack at the title.

Mattias Lundgren, being a good sport, offered the fight the same day, but Paddy tucked his tail and ran despite talking a big game about taking my belt from me in public. Because of this, I'm defending my belt against a fighter with a losing record, on a losing streak, who just got blasted by my main training partner.

I think this is bullshit, and I'm not gonna let some two-bit Con

Nick Shamrock: the legend continues

Fighter profile of Nick Shamrock by Bjorn O'Donnel

"Irish" Nick Shamrock 

7x Syn champion
18x OFC champion

However, at age 40, I'm not done just yet. After signing to Gamma, I made s

Hail to The King! Zai Druggs fights at CMMA 51

Fighter profile of Zai Druggs by Doctor John Zoidberg

The Next In Line - On November 21th in Los Angeles California MMA hosts their 51th event, CMMA 51 - Druggs vs Big Mouth. Reining champ Zai "Doo" Druggs is going to defend his title for the third time against uprising talent Yasha Big Mouth. A 4-0 fighter since he became John Wayne's protegé, it is heard said that the MMA media and the bookies are setting this fight at incredible 50-50 odds.

We managed to sneak a reporter inside TEAM LOBSTER HQ, Barney's Meathouse, and set up an interview with The Doo himself.

  Roger:   Here is Roger from mmaTYCOONESS, your beloved MMATycoon news and podcast! We have a dangerous man as our guest today, the one and only "Doo". Tell me, it's been a long time since your last title bout againts Frankie Fellatio. Why the long wait?

  Zai Druggs :  Thanks for the question, Kleber. You see...

  Roger  :   It's

Sucker Punch Pro Series 24 - Event Preview

Event Preview: Sucker Punch Pro Series 24
Sucker Punch Pro Series 355k+
2020-11-21, Sydney, The Bridge
Author:Hare Rumpler

Hello all you Sucker Punch fans! 

After a week we’re finally back with another big event tonight that will be taking place over at the 10,000 seat The Bridge in Sydney!  I’m Hare Rumpler along with my partner and analyst Donkey “Dan”.  Suzy has off for the evening which is all well and good, as we’re going to be making this one a quick and dirty, hit em fast and hit em hard piece.  I just got in from work for the day after being there 12 hours and frankly, I’m bushed! 


In addition to all the other fun we have on tap tonight, with a pair of Featherweight fights on tap, a couple of Light Heavyweight contests, a quad set of Heavyweights bringing the big stuff to the cage and hell, even a Welterweight bout thrown in…well, we’ve also got the big one…a Middleweight fight for the Sucker Punch Championship belt between challenger Nyah Hirst and your champion, Wanderson Machado!


Get ready, because here it comes folks...the preview


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Contact: Alika Webb
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