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Raven, a new breed of KT

RAVEN (KT League), Fight Organization, Montreal
Company profile by J. W. Hardman

RAVEN Fight League

RAVEN is a newly formed KT organization specifically targeting the kickboxing market with a new twist to an old game.  With the three divisions locked up in a creation tournament, the 145, 170, and 205, the other divisions have begun recruiting 360k fighters to fill their ranks.  
I mentioned a new spin to an old game.. well, here's what makes Raven different.  
The 135, 155, 185, and 265 divisions will be recruiting for the following rule set.  
Fighters will receive a 7 fight contract for 7k/2.5k/5k for the regular season.  
Season will start when 8 fighters have joined.  
Each fighter will fight every fighter in the division 1 time.  
At the end of the season, the fighter with the best record will win 100k and the 1st seed into the playoffs.  
Fighters will receive a 3 fight extension for 5k/5k/10k. 


Madness 41 "Seran vs Yun"

Event Preview: Madness 41 Seran vs Yun
Madness MMA 350k
2020-03-28, Montreal, Hard Knocks - Montreal
Author:Butch Harris Does not get free wins

Madness 41 Seran vs Yun ​ ​

What's up fight fans?

I'm your your stand in reporter Bobb Mogg

And this is your preview for Madness 41, Seran Vs Yun.

Coming from the Tinderbox of the 3000 capacity Hard Knocks Arena, Right here in Madness hometown territory of Montreal, Canada.
We have a Stacked Card to Get through tonight so let's delve straight in...

*(all fighters madness records in brackets.) *

Main Event:

Lightweight Bout

Seran V Yun,

"The Conjurer" Olyn Seran, 5-2 (all madness) has spent his entire career here and is really good all round mma artist, he's coming off a TKO loss, but this was a title fight against formidable champion Ryan Rodriguez, and he's one of the few fighters to take the champion past the first round. Before that he had reeled off 5 straight wins all being finished inside the

You wanna be a legend?

Gateway To Greatness, Gym, London
Company profile by Bobb Mogg

 So you Think your Fighter can be the next Big  thing?

Then why not give him the best possible chance by enrolling him into London hottest new Premium public Gym

Gateway to Greatness opened its Doors today (23/3/20) for the very first time. 

With a Small Capacity of 25 fighters and 10 Elite coaches, places are filling up fast.

The coaches are multi skilled so there are plenty options for training your Fighter no matter his style and skill set.  Classes can be altered to address and cater for ever-changing needs as your Fighter develops, and sparring classes are flexible for when you want to train and not when the gym says you can. 





HFC 12 - "Bizi" vs Wolf

Event Preview: HFC 12 - Bizihwaeile vs Wolf
HARDCORE Fighting Championship
2020-03-28, Montreal, Hayashi's Lounge - Montreal
Author:J. W. Hardman


HFC 12 - Bizihwaeile vs Wolf 

Pre-fight Analysis w/ Predictions

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen! It is I, your senior analyst Trever Jobe. I am back with another episode of “Trev’s Breakdowns ”, where I discuss with you my take on all of the fights in the HFC, along with unbiased predictions on who I feel will improve their ranking that given night. 

First off, I’d just like to give a huge thank you to JW. Hardman, the owner of the Hardcore Fighting Championship. I’ve had a bit of a weird week amidst the real life virus concerns, just so happens to be the first week of my employment with the HFC. Head is now firmly on straight, so let’s get right to busines

The story of Paddy 360° Mcgillicuty

Fighter profile of Paddy Mcgillicutty by Bjorn O'Donnel

                                                 The story of Paddy 360° Mcgillicuty


After a short but very entertaining career, brash Irish super heavyweight Conrad Mcgillicuty hang up his gloves in 2017. He was best know for his intimidating presence in the cage and his big mouth. Standing 225cm tall and weighing 300lbs, he never had any issue with making his presence being felt. Most of his career was built on short brutal fights, leaving nothing to the judges. He was a fan favorite among many, thanks to his image and wise use of words.<

Position 6


Dr John Zoidberg MD Office is now open!

Dr Zoidberg Office, Clothing Company, Amsterdam
Company profile by Doctor John Zoidberg

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But, I kid you not, THESE. DAYS. ARE. OVER.

Ask yourself... Why not Zoidberg?



Don't get schmucked! Biggest bang for your buck? Doc Zoidberg Office is now UP!

Contact: Doctor John Zoidberg
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HFC Light Heavyweight Title Pre-Fight Interview - Bizi

Fighter profile of Feaqeuin Bizihwaeile by J. W. Hardman

Hardcore Bloodbath Entertainment Presents:
Fighter Spotlight volume 1 - Bizi
Hello HARDCORE MMA fans!
Today we had the opportunity to sit down with one of our fighters from this weekends's HFC Light Heavyweight Championship title fight between the champion Aaron Wolf and his opponent Feaqeuin "Bizi" Bizihwaeili.  With such a huge fight on the horizon, and some words being exchanged between these two fighters, we are thrilled to get Bizi to sit down and interview with us prior to this big fight.

J.W.  "Hello Fizi, how are you today only days away from your upcoming title shot against Aaron Wolf?

Bizi "First of all, my mom called me Bizi for a reason.  Get my name right first or shut up, okay?  Good...  Well, I'm doing just fine.  Training my pelvis on a regular basis, feeling strong, solid, and agile."

J.W. "My apologies Bizi, perhaps I shouldn't have smoked that joint before this interview...  There seems to

The MAMF Championship

Editorial by Butch Harris Does not get free wins

 So what is a MAMF? Real simple to be the MAMF you need to have balls of stone. Madness MMA owner Butch Harris has selected two of the best and Maddest fighters currently n the Roster. One of those fighters is the Returning League of Madness Runner up Ralph McGuire whom is getting close to title contention after his succesful return against Billy Herrington whom he dispatched in round two of that fight with a KO. His opponent was also a League of Madness Alum, and infact a former teammate of Ralph on Team Alex of the Show. Chris has been very active as of late as he had a 5 fight win streak snapped in a 185 Title Challenge as he was TKO'd by the champion in the 5th round. 

These two fighters make for an interesting fight as Both are Strikers. Although i may give the striking slightly to Ralph i can say the Travis will make it up with his superior grappling edge. 

Here are the Rules for Mad A$$ Mfer division 

1. Openweight (currently though fighters will f

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