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Zion "Man of God" Melton

Fighter profile of Zion Melton by Ace Charles

Zion "Man of God" Melton submitted Connor McGregor in the Quick Fight Championships on Monday night. His developed bottom game was evident in his constant pursuit of position against Conor McGregor. Although Melton is only 18 years old, he has certainly exemplified a mature pursuit of MMA stardom. Melton has begun to train full time and hopes to have at least one more professional fight before signing with the Super Sydney Square Down promotion. Under the guide of Ace Charles, Zion has decided that his future may require leaving Helsinki, but he wants to pay respects to those who have offered him the opportunity. "SSSD quickly found a young kid like me and has shown a willingness to take a chgance on me. The least I can do is give them some stellar fights." Melton offers a robust jiu jitsu game compared to other 18 year olds around the world, but he knows the finished product is far from found, "I have to come into the gym everyday and round out my game, become more bal


Event Preview: IFC 3: Joshua vs Heart
Iron Fighting Championship
2021-09-21, Las Vegas, The Palmtree
Author:Kev In

 We got a great card here for IFC 3 our first PPV tonight at 10pm Est/7pm PST!

In the first fight we have the IFC Newcomer, 17-3 former TBD champion Michael Carter. He is on a 2 fight win streak and is a former 3 time FOTN, 1 time SOTN, and 1 time KOTN winner and is a -2400 favorite against Pro MMA newcomer, 0-0 BJJ and wrestling Ace and +809 underdog, Charles Silva!
Then the next fight we have the 0-0 IFC newcomer and -117 slight favorite, Jaren "The Ghost" Johnson. He is a Muay Thai fighter and his goal will use his kick and knee to keep his opponent out of range and to stuff all takedown attempts. His opponent is fellow IFC newcomer, 0-0 and -113 slight underdog, Dalton "The Great One" Matthews.His goal will be to take Johnson down and submit him on the ground with his superb wrestling and BJJ Blue Belt!
Next up in the HW division we have 1-0 rising prospect and another IFC newcomer in the -251 favorite, Frank "Vanilla Goril

Release the KRAKEN!

KRAKEN Nutrition + Laundry, Clothing Company, Los Angeles
Company profile by "Old Irish" Mickey Rafferty

 KRAKEN Nutrition is now available! Based in Los Angeles, KRAKEN Nutrition is a fast growing nutrition company serving your basic supplement needs. Featuring our 160q energy supplement, KEEP IT KRAKEN, and our 160q stamina supplement, MONSTER STAMINA we are sure to enhance your training regiment! We also offer Laundry when available at a 20% fee. We offer fair sponsorships, and are partnered with Tran MMA gym, Dog House,Old Irish's Fighter Factory, and Iron Fighting Championship. Release your inner beast, RELEASE THE KRAKEN!


Maurice Simmons: Fight night 5 Preview!

Event Preview: NYCL Fight Night (5)
New York Champions League(375+)
2021-09-22, New York, Hayashi's Lounge - New York
Author:Hector Bautista

 Another NYCL Fight Night event about to be underway. This will be a crazy one and as always I, Maurice Simmons, will provide the most concise preview for y'all. So let's get into it!


Frank Mir (4-3) takes on The "Demigod " Requis (1-1) in the NYCL Fight Night 5 main event! With his 4 fight winning streak just recently broken, Mi

Sucker Punch Pro Series 85 - Event Preview

Event Preview: Sucker Punch Pro Series 85
Sucker Punch Pro Series 355k+
2021-09-18, Sydney, Schooners Bar
Author:Hare Rumpler

Welcome back Sucker Punch fans!  Hare Rumpler here along with my buddy and analyst, Donkey “Dan”!  We’re about to bring you another fun one here in Sydney tonight and just to get things going for the weekend right I have a little surprise for everybody!  Just to spice things up, I’ve decided on a whim to make this our first Pay Per View event this evening!  No pressure on the Main Events or anything…you know…we’ll just be broke and out of business if they don’t put on a great show, that’s all.  HAHAHA!  I kid, we’ll be just fine!

But how cool is it that Jarna Kuiva and Sirus Hall, two stellar Middleweights, get to Co-Main Event the first PPV and Eemeli Lampi defends his Light Heavyweight title for the first time not only under the bright lights of Schooners Bar and its 7,000 seats, but…also in front of the entire world!  I know that many of our fans enjoy the

Sucker Punch Pro Series 86 - Event Preview

Event Preview: Sucker Punch Pro Series 86
Sucker Punch Pro Series 355k+
2021-09-22, Sydney, Schooners Bar
Author:Hare Rumpler

Hello again Sucker Punch fans!  As usual, I’m Hare Rumpler here along with my buddy and analyst, Donkey “Dan”!  I hope you’re all ready for some fantastic mid-week action because we have a stacked lineup for SPPS 86 tonight over at Schooners Bar in Sydney!  No title fights on the line, but plenty of serious action that will create ripple effects for months.  And, on top of all that, we’re going to be having our second PPV event this evening.  Not full blown three hour long special, but we’ll once again get one hour of the best action the card has to offer up there for fans worldwide along with all the amazing commentators and production quality we can muster to make it something special! 

Our prior PPV event at SPPS 85 resulted in our highest rated event to date at just over a 270 point rating.  Now, we won’t make any cash after this one either tonight, but it’s an

Mass Valley Fight League

Editorial by Milo Ortiz

Hello all!

I have been involved with MMA Tycoon for quite some time now and I've had my ups and trust me, a lot of downs. I did once try running my own Fight Organisation 'SLAM! Promotions' but, it may have turned out that I was at the time not knowledgeable enough to run it without losing pretty much all my money and having to sell it off. Now that I have a profitable gym under my belt, a much better understanding of MMA tycoon I am finally ready to venture again into Promotion.

The aim?

To be a filler organisation for the bigger organisations with more rife competition. I plan to be much like Cage Warriors, M1 Global or PFL. I want to help fighters get recognised on the regional circuit, so they can eventually make it to the highest heights. Don't get me wrong I won't be continuing contracts for stiffs, I still want talented  fighters but, I want to build you all up to that big stage!

New managers, jump aboard!



Urban Fighter in New York continues the tradition of providing stylish clothing for great prizes. Need to stand out on your way to the cage? Come and see what Urban Fighter has in store for you!

Contact: Alika Webb
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