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Convicted Legends: Abraham Donowitz

Fighter profile of Abraham Donowitz by Chris Karter

Abraham "Jewsus Christ" Donowitz (42-18-2)


Career Summary
A black belt in Bear Jew-Jitsu, it's not a surprise that Donowitz was also a 6-2 TWGC veteran with a gold medal under his belt. An 8-time Syn' Featherweight Champion, he's one of the greatest Featherweights the organization has ever seen. A grappler in a strikers game, it's a testimony to his manager's elite slider wizardry that he was so successful during his tenure. You can't talk about Jewsus Christ without bringing up controversy, and controversy is what surrounds his official placement in the Hall of Fame, as he was the #2 P4P fighter in the game long enough to have a

Convicted Legends: Cristian Tavares

Fighter profile of Cristian Tavares by Chris Karter

 Cristian Tavares (16-5-0)


Career Summary
Cristian Tavares was a phenom known for his elite boxing and BJJ making a career out of epic knockouts and slick submissions. After dropping his debut under Chris Karter to a much older and more experienced fighter he went on a 14-fight rampage across two divisions capturing the HFC Featherweight and Lightweight titles in the process. Tavares career came to an abrupt end after continuous controversy with the judges and the scorecards. 3 out of 5 of his decision losses came by way of split of majority decision, and the experts and analyst had him up on all 3 of those fights. Tavares was

Vanguard Athletics

Vanguard Athletics and Laundry, Nutrition Company, Montreal
Company profile by Cheorge Guvalo

Fighting out of Montreal and tired of waiting for your clothing orders to arrive in the mail? The wait is over! Vanguard Athletics is a new clothing company based in Montreal, owned and operated by me, Cheorge Guvalo (133318). Our unique line of clothing is simple, impactful, and created to make a statement. Your game plan may be garbage, but you shouldn’t look like you just stepped out of one.


Bulk buying (5 or more) guarantees your fighter a 3-month sponsorship.


Interested in a clothing sponsor? We’re willing to create your organization-specific outfit for you and your fighters.


PM me with any questions or comments.


CWMMA Warrior Facts: Sam "The Salt" Salter

Fighter profile of Sam Salter by Vsevelod Kaufman

                                                            Caged Warriors MMA – Warrior Facts

Sam “The Salt” Salter


*The show opens and we see a zoomed-out room of the studio. Kale “The Legend” Suanders, looking burly and serious as ever is reviewing his index cards. His announce partner Jenkins Jennson looks distracted. Jenkins has a bunch of forms laid out on the small round table between them and on his lap. A few forms are on the ground in front of him. He is frantically trying to fill them ou

Interview with CWMMA Founder Matty Fernandez

Profile of Matty Fernandez by Vsevelod Kaufman


                                                                      Caged Talk with Jenkins Jennson 

                                                                     Guest: Matty Fernandez, Founder of Caged Warriors MMA

Camera pans around the studio and centers on Jenkins Jennson and Matty Fernandez, with the Caged Wa

CWMMA Warrior Facts: Riku "The Noble" Nobunaga

Fighter profile of Riku Nobunaga by Vsevelod Kaufman

                                                                              Caged Warriors MMA

Fighter Profile: Riku “The Noble” Nobunaga


Camera pans to Caged Warriors MMA announce duo, Jenkins Jenn

Sucker Punch Pro Series 8 - Event Review

Event Review: Sucker Punch Pro Series 9
Sucker Punch Pro Series 355k+
2020-09-16, Sydney, Bondi Outdoor Arena
Attendance:5,750, Event Rating:137
Author:Hare Rumpler

So there we have it Sucker Punch fans!


A big card for us with huge fights and tons of great action folks!  That was a fun one, and again, I apologize that this came out so late after the fights.  Life intervenes sometimes, but we do what we can!  I hope you all enjoyed this card, if you haven’t looked back on any of it, hopefully this review gives you reason and you can see some of the great performances these warriors put on for us!  I’m happy to have been a part of it, and we’ll see you next time folks!


The review, with a special guest appearance by Rey Bargos, is now up on the forum  here for you guys!



Till then…remember…

Keep it cheap and dirty…Sucker Punch Pro Series 355k+ style!



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