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Flipping through the Forums: Yearly Awards

Editorial by Brother Hec

 This year on Flipping through the Forums we bring to you the Yearly Award Nominations!

Each year, mmatycoon managers get together to literally voice their opinion on who they feel is the best of the best in every single category. Nominations for categories such as Best Manager & Best Writer all the way down to Best specific weight class fighter. If you are interested in checking out the nominations and where you can learn more please click on the following link and voice your opinion! http://www.mmatycoon.com/forums/index.php?showforum=31

The following is a little taste of what the award nominations look like and who is leading the race currently!

Best Manager of the Year

Currently the best manager of the year has several strong candidates. It will take a bit more flushing out till we see one clearly take the lead on this one. Here is a few names you can search: Alex K, Billy A

New Managers: Be lead to Victory

Editorial by Brother Hec

 Attention New Managers! 

Are you struggling to find victory with your fighters? Do you feel like it is all a game of chance and there really is no secret formula to win for your fighter? Do you often feel like you have no idea what you are doing? Each Tycoon Times paper that gets published we will have an article for you here on how to improve by focusing on just one major area. Several tips and tricks from managers that have reached success and what they have seen to be the most helpful for them. We hope this series will serve you well in your managing career! 

This weeks tip: Find a Mentor

At first glance this may seem quite humbling. And honestly, it is! Just think of all the greats in your favorite sport, they all had mentors, someone to show them the ropes. If you want to have lasting success I would highly encourage you to find someone who will show you the ins and outs of this game. 

Currently there are over 100 people wai

The joke at the old smoke or the wannabee at the Wombley?

Fighter profile of Thomas Bolleke by Alika Webb

The joke at the old smoke or the wannabe at the Wombley?

Say what you will about how the match came to be, Pablo Maraçon Vs Thomas Bolleke for the middleweight title will be the match to see. Ninth of November, you don’t want to miss. Only one of these two warriors will find victory and bliss. The reigning and defending GAMMA middleweight champion Pablo "El Diablo" Maraçon puts his title on the line against young blood Thomas Bolleke.

To say the champion is the favorite would be a massive understatement. Pablo "El Diablo" Maraçon has been dominating the division. He has held the entire middleweight division hostage for almost an entire year. He stands tall on his golden throne and reigns with an iron fist. His only losses in recent memory were super fights. The Nicaraguan bad boy is known by his peers and the fans as a tough son of a gun, having been finished only once in the steel cage in his entire career.

Simon the Titan

Fighter profile of Simon Udovich by WaKKO SicK

"The Titan of Uršlja Gora" Simon Udovich

Simon the Titan is probably THE BEST BOXER I have ever seen. His footwork is just phenominal. Considering he has fought 16 professional MMA fights and only won 9 times that wouldn't sound very impressive, but its not how many times this man has fought but the people he has lost to that really makes the difference. During his fight against Roman "Black Mask" Sionis (http://www.mmatycoon.com/fighterprofilepublic.php?FID=223257) there was more action and technical skill in less then two and a half minutes then in most careers.


Roman was battling for the clinch to takedown the entire fight. Even after getting the takedown several times he could not take advantage of it. Ultimatley his defenses failed him only once during the clich before he took a powerful shot and then

Montréal Community Gym Opening Month

Montreal Community Gym, Gym, Montreal
Company profile by Devon Giguere

Hello everyone,

My dream in opening up this new gym is to offer opportunities to fighters to train at a high-level that beats the quality of the Cozad gyms while offering adorable pricing to those fighters who want more than basic training but don't need/can't afford elite training gyms. The Montréal Community Gym is more about offering opportunities to young fighters to stay off the streets and have something they can be proud of. Here at the Montréal Community Gym community is more important than profit.

This gym will be an mma gym with classes in all four styles. I have one fitness coach right now and two cross-trained trainers in wrestling/bjj and boxing/muay-thai respectively. I will look to expand and add more coaches as I see the need for more coaches.

For our opening week, I will be offering a 50% discount at $250 to sign up and join my gym. On 9 November 2019, the weekly gym costs will be $500.

This is my first gym and I think the beginn

Core Combat

, Fight Organization,
Company profile by Adrian Niaz

 Good evening fellow fight fans!

I would like to introduce to you our brand new fight organization "Core Combat".

There have been no events held, no fights have taken place, there are no champions!

I am looking for new and young contenders who are active and ready to become champions! If you don't have a recently created fighter (preffarably near 355K or +) please create one and start their journey with Core Combat MMA.

My ideal date for the first Core Combat event would be November 30th. Help us create fair and organic divisions and have fun with the new generation of fighters. I will be creating unique posters featuring the fighters for each of our events.

Additionally, the first 5 managers to contact me with a contract request, will receive a free custom avatar design of mixing 3 real life fighters of their own choice for the fighter that gets signed with the promotion.

Please contact me with your fighter ID asap!


JAG 330k First PPV

Event Preview: JAG Benedetti vs Dick
JAG Battle League (330k)
2019-11-23, London, Camden Conference Centre
Author:Setanta King



The excitement is building for next weekend’s first ever Pay Per View for JAG Battle League who are stepping up to the big leagues now.  There is two mouth watering events topping the bill with the 170lb and 185lb titles up for grabs. The headline event is the 170lb match between Benedetti and DIck with McConnell & Neuer duking it out for the 185lb belt.


Now let's get down to business!


Mario Benedetti                            Rick "The Prick" Dick

Record 14-2-0 (W-L-D)                Record 12-2-0 (W-L-D)



These two animals are fairly evenly matched on paper with Benedetti having a slight advantage in boxing and MT and DIck is only slightly better at wrestling but there is not really much between them.  Benedetti is the current belt hold


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Contact: Brother Hec
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