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Pulse Fighting Championship

Org name: Pulse Fighting Championship
Kickboxing Hype:
Fighters signed: 144
Number of events: 302
Base: Tokyo
Owner: Randall McSweeny
Ranking (Global): 2
Ranking (City): 1
Satisfaction rating: 99% from 54 ratings.
Website: Pulse FC Org Blog
Smack talk: Smack talk thread
Merch partner: Perkele!
About us: Pulse is Tokyo's #1 org and also a top 5 overall ranked org. we offer fair matchups against some of the toughest fighters managed by the games most competitive managers.
Latest News: Pulse Org Update, Rankings, and Division Breakdown 2/23/20
  Pulse Org Update, Rankings, and Division Breakdown 2/23/20
It has been a big couple weeks for Pulse (and the other top orgs such as Syn, Inferno, and Gamma). With CEC and Empyrean closing their doors, there have been a number of FAs on the market, and several more coming, leading to additional depth in all divisions.
Here at Pulse, weve had some very strong additions, which I will cover in the division breakdowns, and sit poised to make a run at the #1 org in the game. That said, our roster is much larger than it has been in the recent past. We will start running 7-8 cards a month for the time being, but will likely end up releasing some of the guys at the bottom of the divisions in order to boost our event ratings, and allow the top guys to fight more often.
Definitely an exciting time, and these moments help reinvigorate org owners, so looking forward to see where it goes, and as always, thanks to you guys for helping to make this the org that it is.
Lastly, below is the link to the Pulse Trash Talk Thread, lets see if we cant get this thing going again. Looking to hire a writer, if anyone knows of anyone, or is interested in being that guy.
Bantamweight - 135 lbs

A couple of huge additions have made this the premier 135 lb division in the game right now, with 7 of the top 13 Bantamweights all under contract with Pulse, and working hard to bring in more top 10 guys. The additions of Felix Jaroslav and Wamberto Boaz have created a division with no lack of depth at the top.

Champ: Midick Aiken 24-8-1 (6-2)

1. Felix Jaroslav 18-5-1
2. Mads Nordskov 33-11-2 (18-7-2)
3. Michail Podolski 31-11-1 (4-1)
4. Koh Ibu 33-13-1 (10-4-1)
5. Takashi Yoshida 26-7 (8-3)
Other Fighters to Watch: Wamberto Boaz, Palaktingpuet Payakarakatong

Featherweight - 145 lbs

The Pulse FW division STILL belongs to the most dominant fighter in Pulse history, Friedrich Alzheimer. The division has also had quite a few additions to the top, all of which will be vying for the next shot at Alzheimer. Vadim Golovkin, Taylor Jack, Archie Griffiths, and Monte Cassino are all fresh names that will be in the mix in the near future.

Champ: Friedrich Alzheimer 34-6 (22-3)

1. Vadim Golovkin 15-2
2. Archie Griffiths 29-10-1
3. Dick Caunt 18-9-2 (7-3)
4. Taylor Jack 16-5-1 (0-0-1)
5. Kieran McArthur 16-6 (1-1)

Other Fighters to Watch: Mike McLaughlin, Monte Cassino.

Lightweight - 155 lbs

Pulse LW division remains one of its strongest divisions, despite not yet being supplemented with recent signings as some of the other divisions have been, though there are a few potential deals in the works. That said, Jax Thomas and Kato Partio add a couple really solid fighters to our already solid depth.

Champ: Arzlan Bathory 21-6-1 (14-5-1)

1. Roberto Duranto 19-6-2 (3-2)
2. Kai Yamaguchi 35-11-1 (20-6)
3. Francis Fitzpatrick 30-19-1 (9-7-1)
4. Mamoru Date 28-12-2 (27-12-2)
5. Katu Partio 29-16-1

Other fighters to watch: Jax Thomas, Ephram Urani

Welterweight - 170 lbs

Longtime Pulse Vet, Settakian Fett finally broke though, and now reigns over the Pulse WW division. Some very high profile additions have turned WW from the thinnest division in the org, to one of the deepest, toughest divisions of all of MMATycoon. The additions of Humbert Humbert, Herb Krison, and Roli Poli add 3 of the top 13 WWs in the game, in addition to Mac Airt, and Rocker additions. There will be no shortage of extremely exciting matchups at 170 in Pulse and an array of title contenders at the top.

Champ: Settakian Fett 24-13 (11-6)

1. Ira Wright 29-6-2 (11-3-2)
2. Herb Krison 20-13-1
3. Roli Poli 13-3
4. Hugh Moors 20-4-1 (7-3-1)
5. Humbert Humbert 27-12

Other Fighters to Watch: Jack Stone, Yonglong Li, Ronnie Hepple

Middleweight - 185 lbs

Longtime Champ Snot Slurper moved on, opening the door for Reid to reclaim his place at the top of the Pulse MW division. The additions of Aristides Abel, Anton Obuhov, Valentine Masterson, and the return of Alexey Andreev have created outstanding depth at the top of a group of challengers waiting to challenge Reid.

Champ: Jaheim Reid 25-8 (11-5)

1. Wet Wild 20-8-1 (6-2-1)
2. Finnish Experiment 20-10 (3-2)
3. Yes Man Sanchez 37-20-2 (13-7-1)
4. Aristides Abel 16-10
5. Anton Obuhov 30-23-1

Other Fighters to Watch: Valentine Masterson, Captain Gonza, Alexey Andreev

Light Heavyweight - 205 lbs

Kahoolawe Built has been nothing short of dominant since starting at Pulse, and currently reigns over the LHW division. In addition to the usual contenders, newly signed Jean Claude Marceau and Marky Mark, and the return of Bryer McGuire, add star power to the top of the division.

Champ: Kahoolawe Built 11-1 (3-0)

1. Dave Semenko 19-6 (17-6)
2. Bryer McGuire 26-7 (13-1)
3. Alphonzo Mirage 24-10 (11-4)
4. Jean-Claude Marceau 22-11
5. Leonard Lucy 16-8 (7-4)

Other Fighters to Watch: Marky Mark, JVB, Rob Kardashian

Heavyweight - 265 lbs

Crotch Grabber and Peleki Tuala have had one of the great HW rivalries in Pulse history, with Grabber taking the most recent installment and now holding the built. Joining them at the top is newly signed, top prospect Bunkechukwu Floyd, and a surging Patrick Thompson.
Champ: Crotch Grabber 24-4 (9-2)

1. Peleki Tuala 23-7 (11-3)
2. Bunkechukwu Floyd 11-1-1
3. Patrick Thompson 19-11 (3-1)
4. Solomon Nao 15-7 (8-5)
5. Closet Case Conservative 37-14

Other Fighters to Watch: Bismack Kagonbo, Keith Bishop
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Division Fighters Avg. Age Avg. ID Avg. Hype Notes
135 20 32 301922 220 NA
145 14 34 298972 240 NA
155 20 32 303799 225 NA
170 26 34 296243 229 NA
185 23 33 294634 231 NA
205 19 32 300367 255 NA
265 22 32 305385 225 NA
265+ 0 0 0 0 **CLOSED**
Upcoming Events
PFC 181 Pekka vs Steve 2020-05-31 Tokyo
PFC 182 Slice vs Perera 2020-05-31 London
PFC 183 Nielsen vs Dong 2020-06-07 Tokyo
PFC 184 McGuire vs Semenko II 2020-06-07 London
PFC 185 2020-06-14 London
PFC 186 2020-06-21 Tokyo
PFC 187 2020-06-21 London
PFC 188 2020-06-28 Tokyo
PFC 189 2020-06-28 London
PFC 190 2020-07-05 Tokyo
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PFC 180 Krison vs Moors 2020-05-24 Tokyo
PFC 179 Bathory vs Fitzpatrick 2020-05-17 London
PFC 178 Ispa vs Semenko 2020-05-17 Tokyo
PFC 177 Slice vs Pearson 2020-05-09 Los Angeles
PFC 176 Asham vs Steve 2020-05-09 Tokyo

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Top 20 Ranked Fighters (MMA)
  Name Rank
1 Kimbo Slice 4
2 Arzlan Bathory 5
3 Dick Caunt 10
4 Bryer McGuire 11
5 Herb Krison 12
6 Chris Steve 17
7 Bobo Nielsen 18
8 Dave Semenko 19
9 Jesus Chico Grande 27
10 Michael Bennet 29
11 Chamuaknoi Sitsongrit 31
12 Toshi Hijikata 40
13 Akeen Coker 41
14 Yung Hung Dong 43
15 Peleki Tuala 54
16 Hugh Moors 56
17 Jaheim Reid 60
18 Mads Nordskov 65
19 Joe Smith 67
20 Enitan Arendse 68
Weight Name Last Win
135 Chamuaknoi Sitsongrit Kurt Verygood
145 Dick Caunt Bobo Nielsen
155 Arzlan Bathory Francis Fitzpatrick
170 Herb Krison Hugh Moors
185 Chris Steve Arron Asham
205 Bryer McGuire Tank Ispa
265 Kimbo Slice James Pearson

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Staff / Contacts
Owner:   Randall McSweeny
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