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Org name: Synchronicity
Kickboxing Hype:
Fighters signed: 138
Number of events: 711
Base: Las Vegas
Owner: Alex Maniatakos
Ranking (Global): 5
Ranking (City): 3
Satisfaction rating: 99% from 36 ratings.
Website: Syn News
Smack talk: Smack talk thread
Merch partner: KOMBAT KLOTHING
About us: One of the oldest and most recognizable orgs in mmatycoon history.
Latest News: Syn 680 :Shamrock vs Madog

Hello ladies and gentlemen, boys and girl, this is matty fernandez again bringing you one of the most highly anticipated and hyped fight in the history of (SYNCHRONICITY) where two foes two warriors two pillars of their division square off against one another to determine the true champion once and for all.And if you are not satisfied with that we got plenty more fights to keep you entertained throughout the night,so without further adieu let's get to what we have on store for us tonight.


1. Ronie Cash vs Konstantin Kuznetsov (WELTERWEIGHT BOUT {170 LBS})

After a very bright start to his career Ronie Cash was one of the most sought after names in the sport, his stock went up from strength to strength and after he moved up to MIDDLEWEIGHT and won the title in (INTERNATIONAL HOME OF FULL CONTACT FIGHTING) everyone thought that he was destined for greatness.But since then his career has taken a turn for the worse at each step he has taken, wins have been few and far between and losses have stacked up and at 32 there is not much time left for him to turn things around.He has a professional record of (16 wins 13 losses) and after losing his debut in (SYNCHRONICITY) he will be desperate to win this fight to get his career back on track.
The story get's even more bleak for Konstantin Kuznetsov who with a record of (9 wins and 13 losses) is in desperation mode.Riding on a 4 fight losing streak at (SYNCHRONICITY) he will be desperate to get a win of any kind to at least make some kind of impact in the organization where he has simply to put it in a sentence failed to do anything of any sorts.


2. Ghazi Okah vs Mike Reilly (LIGHT HEAVYWEIGHT BOUT {205 LBS})

Once known as the best LIGHT-HEAVYWEIGHT on the planet Ghazi Okah a former (BUSHIDO AND GAMMA) LIGHT HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION and a (BUSHIDO) hall of famer is quite understandably on the final stretch in his career which only few could dream of,He has done everything that he wanted to do in his career and has proved to everybody that he was one of the best but still at 35 years young he wants another go at the title which he loves more than anything else and therefore with a professional record of (26 wins 17 losses 1 draw) he would want to win this fight to climb up the rankings for a future title shot.
Now Mike Reilly is a fighter whose career is not really glittered with many highlights to be mentioned.He has been a journeyman who has moved around the world in his career but has never really made it big at one place,and after a defeat in his debut here the picture paints a similar story but with a professional record of (21 wins and 17 losses) he is at the twilight of his career and will be hoping to win this fight to hopefully start of a winning run in the organization.


3. Dean Mason vs Gurgen Davidyan (MIDDLEWEIGHT BOUT {185 LBS})

As another of the guys whose career promised so much yet delivered so little Dean Mason is now at the final hurdle in his career glittered by good wins but also disappointing losses which is very much there to be seen in his two title fights where he just did not turn up and subsequently lost the fight.But with a professional record of (22 wins 12 losses 2 draws) he will be looking for that one final push to finally achieve his dream to become a champion and therefore will be looking to win this fight on his (SYNCHRONICITY) debut to start his push toward the title.
Now Gurgen Davidyan is a veteran in (SYNCHRONICITY) and has had a pretty stable career in the organization so far and his record of (24 wins 13 losses 2 draws) proves it but that is what his problem has been stable,he has had a decent career but he never took the risk of fighting a big name fighter to catapult himself towards the top of the division and therefore he will be looking to win this fight and hopefully challenge the big boys to finally achieve the respect he has wanted all his life.


4. Rhymin Slayin vs Jamie Bounty (LIGHT HEAVYWEIGHT BOUT {205 LBS})

A very talented young fighter riding high on a two fight win streak Rhymin Slayin is a very dangerous and technically outstanding fighter who is going to make his (SYNCHRONICITY) debut in this fight.He is being touted for big things and also winning a lot of title and with a professional record of (13 wins 8 losses and 1 draw) he will be looking to win on his debut to continue the upward curve in his career and push up in the rankings closer to the title.

Now Jamie Bounty is another one of the highly experienced and talented fighters in (SYNCHRONICITY) who has unfortunately never made it big in this organization due to him not taking risks to call out the top fighter in the division.But with a profession record of (29 wins 12 losses) and a very good career at (SYNCHRONICITY) he would also want a title to show for his efforts.Therefore he will be looking to win this fight to catapult him towards the top in the rankings to get closer to the elusive title shot he wants.


5. Marciano Cobb vs Jackson Portis ( WELTERWEIGHT BOUT {170 LBS})

A former MIDDLEWEIGHT CHAMPION OF (EMPYREAN) Marciano Cobb's career started off the best possible way in the MIDDLEWEIGHT division but ever since his move down to WELTERWEIGHT his career has stagnated a little,yes he did have a title shot at WELTERWEIGHT too but then has gone on a 3 fight loosing streak and therefore with a professional record of (22 wins and 3 losses) he will be desperate to win this debut at (SYNCHRONICITY) to start off a fresh chapter in his career at (SYNCHRONICITY) and regain his past glory.
Another former MIDDLEWEIGHT turned WELTERWEIGHT Jackson Portis was not as successful as his opponent in MIDDLEWEIGHT but was a former (CEC RISING STARS) WELTERWEIGHT champion and was riding high on a 3 fight win streak but then after coming into his (SYNCHRONICITY) debut with a lot of hype he lost the fight and subsequently dropped in the rankings too. He carries a professional record of (14 wins 7 losses) and will be hoping to win this fight to prove his critics wrong who say that he can only win fights against weaker opponents at a small organization.



6. Hip Hop vs Expendable Crewman v (HEAVYWEIGHT BOUT {265 LBS})

A young up and coming fighter Hip Hop is one of the most talented ,young yet very experienced fighter in(SYNCHRONICITY) HEAVYWEIGHT DIVISION. He has a professional record of (18 wins 5 losses) and he was also a former (SYDNEY FIGHT NIGHT) HEAVYWEIGHT champion.He carries with himself a (3 wins and 1 loss) record at (SYNCHRONICITY) and will be desperate to win this fight to continue his 2 fight winning streak and his steady climb towards the absolute top in the division.
Now unlike his opponent Expendable Crewman v is a old warhorse of the organization who carries a professional record of (20 wins and 14 losses).His career has pretty much been a hit and miss as he has always come so close to challenging for the belt but every time he is on a good winning streak, a bad loss always follows suit which was pretty evident in his last fight where he lost a very crucial fight.But now it's all back to square one for him and therefore he will be looking to win this fight to try to get closer to that elusive title shot he has always wanted.


7. Frank Stein vs Tsoko Chikatchawan (MIDDLEWEIGHT BOUT {185 LBS})

As a former (STRIKEFORCE UNION AND PULSE FC) LIGHT-HEAVYWEIGHT champion everyone can say that Frank Stein has had a relatively successful career as a LIGHT-HEAVYWEIGHT but ever since his move to drop down to MIDDLEWEIGHT on (SYNCHRONICITY) his ferocious style of fighting due to which most others feared him once upon a time has somewhat disappeared and he is not really considered among the top fighters in the division anymore.But now carrying a professional record of (26 wins 17 losses 1 draw) he will be looking to win this fight to somewhat regain the respect he once had.
Now formerly one of the top #10 ranked fighters in the world Tsoko Chikatchawan is a former (DEVASTATION FC AND ASPIRE MMA) LIGHT-HEAVYWEIGHT champion and multi time title challenger at (SYNCHRONICITY) in both the HEAVYWEIGHT and LIGHT-HEAVYWEIGHT division but after a second failed effort at the title he has made another tough decision to move down to MIDDLEWEIGHT due to which the next fight will be his debut in that division where he has never fought before.But watching his seamless transition over the years it should not be much of a problem and with a professional record of (32 wins 12 losses) he will be looking to win this fight to fast track his move up the division and convert it into a title shot.


8. Benson Whyte vs Nick Dalton (WELTERWEIGHT BOUT {170 LBS})

A hall of famer, the former #2 ranked fighter in the world, a former champion at ( BUSHIDO {MIDDLEWEIGHT,SYNCITY EUROPE{ WELTERWEIGHT} AND 2 TIME SYNCHRONICITY{WELTERWEIGHT}) Benson Whyte is a class apart in itself.He has a professional record of (38 wins 14 losses) and was the former (SYNCHRONICITY) WELTERWEIGHT champion before the reigning champ Latka Gravas defeated him in his previous fight, that loss hurt his confidence a lot so much so that he started doubting himself.But luckily he has got a champions heart and therefore has come back to hopefully win the fight to take back his lost crown in the future.
Another former hall of famer at a different organization Nick Dalton is a former (DEVASTATION FC) LIGHTWEIGHT AND WELTERWEIGHT CHAMPION.He carries a professional record of (19 wins 4 losses 1 draw) and is currently on a 4 fight win streak. He made his (SYNCHRONICITY) debut in his previous fight which he won and therefore riding high on self confidence he will be desperate to win this fight to straight away put his name in the consideration bracket of the next challenger for the WELTERWEIGHT champion.



9. Evil Nixon vs Andy Bangsit (LIGHT-HEAVYWEIGHT BOUT {205 LBS})

This is a straight up title eliminator fight to determine the next challenger for the LIGHT-HEAVYWEIGHT crown in (SYNCHRONICITY),So only one thing is expected out of this fight that is all hell's gonna break loose so let's see what we have in store for us.

A legendary LIGHT-HEAVYWEIGHT in (SYNCHRONICITY) is a former 5x time (SYNCHRONICITY) LIGHT-HEAVYWEIGHT champion and also a former (GENERATION) CHAMPION.He has a professional record (43 wins 14 losses 2 draws) and is one of the greatest fighters to ever step foot in MMA which is evident as he was ranked #1 p4p fighter in the world at one point in his career but now well past his peak he is still hungry for one last go at the title and therefore he will be hoping to win the match to once again get another shot at the title which he so dearly loves.
Now Andy Bangsit is a rather unknown when compared to his opponent but he has had a pretty good career himself as he was a former (HARDCORE FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIP AND EMPIRE FC) LIGHT-HEAVYWEIGHT champion.He has a professional record of (26 wins 22 losses and 2 draws) and will making his (SYNCHRONICITY) return 1 and a 1/2 years since leaving this organization.He may have had a good career but was never really the big name prize fighter at any organization he was part of and will therefore be looking to win this fight to start to build his legacy here at (SYNCHRONICITY) and also get one step closer to a title fight.



10.Nick Shamrock vs Iolyn Madog (FEATHERWEIGHT TITLE BOUT {145 LBS})

Next up is the fight that everyone has been so eagerly waiting for,it is the fight between arguably the two best FEATHERWEIGHTS in the history of (SYNCHRONICITY) it is now time for the main event of the evening.

The challenger Iolyn Madog is a (EMPYREAN) HALL OF FAMER and the former FEATHERWEIGHT champion of (EMPYREAN), other than this he is a multi divisional title challenger at (EMPYREAN) and will be making his (SYNCHRONICITY) debut in this fight.He has a professional record of (27 wins 10 losses),but is coming into this fight after losing his last fight at his previous organization which was also a title fight and therefore will be desperate to win this fight as well as the title to prove a lot of his doubters wrong who say that he can only beat the weak.
Now the champion is a man who dominates every organization he has gone to be it (ONTARIO FIGHT CLUB OR SYNCHRONICITY),He is a former (ONTARIO FIGHT CLUB) LIGHTWEIGHT AND FEATHERWEIGHT champion and has not lost even a fight after winning the title at (SYNCHRONICITY).He has a professional record of (44 wins 8 losses) and will looking to win this fight to continue his dominance in this division and stamp his name as one of the greatest fighters in (SYNCHRONICITY'S HISTORY).

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Division Fighters Avg. Age Avg. ID Avg. Hype Notes
135 0 0 0 0 Division available soon.
145 22 34 288506 184 NA
155 23 33 281314 165 NA
170 20 34 297163 177 NA
185 25 35 275264 176 NA
205 22 32 301042 149 NA
265 24 31 308392 180 NA
265+ 2 36 285924 233 Division Closed
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2 Kassim Magufuli I V 6
3 Latka Gravas 16
4 Iain Tower 19
5 Rocket Bob Frankels 30
6 Just Whymer 32
7 Khunbish Borjigin 36
8 Pekka Toivonen 54
9 Rudy Rhod 63
10 Kagekatsu Uesugi 67
11 Blake Green 75
12 Michael Garibaldi 96
13 Mark Kerr 110
14 Elliot Rockwell 111
15 Kongchai Phetboonme 114
16 Iolyn Madog 115
17 Junkyard Dog 126
18 Nick Dalton 127
19 Rick Piano 131
20 Polliisi Partio 163
Weight Name Last Win
135 Daniel Larusso Tomas Marley
145 Nick Shamrock Iolyn Madog
155 Rudy Rhod Elgin Turner
170 Latka Gravas Benson Whyte
185 Khunbish Borjigin Junkyard Dog
205 Kassim Magufuli I V Just Whymer
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