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News from the top 20 fight organizations
265 Champ: Panda Aorigele

1. Jack Blood
2. Mfer Phol
3. Professor Xe
4. Madik Mbaku
5. Gatero El Toro

205 Champ: Mantak Garuda

1. Julio Cruzeiro
2. Aran Ryan
3. PJ Watson
4. David Kappa
5. Young Lad

185 Champ: Dalton McConnor

1. Roland Weudke
2. John Lawrence
3. Stanley Steele
4. Spude Pulkkinen
5. Marc Read

170 Champ: M ...[cont]

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  And new!
Thumbnail and belt that is. Check out the redesign seen here (thumb) and on the company page (belt)

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  2 events on the same night!
Make sure to tune in to UnderGround FC 95 and 96 on 2/15/20 for a big fights and guaranteed finishes! #UnderGroundFC

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  2 Championship fights 2 Revenge fights
We've got not 1 but 2 fights for revenge with gold on the line! They fought before and now they'll do it again for the fans!

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  State of the MADNESS
All 25 year old Creations will be re-located to Flesh & Blood Espectacles... Where They can Fight ON!

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Syn will offer a contract to all fighters who wish to compete at the highest level.

Currently Active Divisions






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  GAMMA: Award winners
I am proud to announce that GAMMA and it's fighters / managers won several awards this year. Here are our winners:

Breakthrough Manager: Action Jackson

Action Jackson whooped ass all year, he also had one of the most dominant runs as a champ with Curry in 2019, so it was fully deserved.

170lb Fighter of the Year- Dao Sonnen

Dao also won the 185lbs fighter of the year in 2018, this is the first time a fighter has won 2 awards in the game ...[cont]

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  The return of the King
Patrick Chaelsson defends his 265+ title vs Deacon Frost at SAFO 38! Another great night of fights!

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  GAMMA: Foot Fungus #1
I would like to congratulate Foot Fungus for hitting the #1 spot in the rankings. He achieved this after beating both Tomomi Tsuruta and Alphonzo Mirage in super fights.

Foot is currently on a 7 fight winning streak and is one of Grumpy Bastard's (Who is an all time GAMMA great and Hall of Fame member) personal developed fighters. We wish Foot a successful run at the top.

This is the 9th fighter in our history to hit the #1 spot.

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  GAMMA: All time greatest list
I have made some adjustments to the all time greatest list. I have factored in the following criteria:

GAMMA Fighter of the year #1 - 25 points
GAMMA Fighter of the year #2 - 18 points
GAMMA Fighter of the year #3 - 15 points

GAME Fighter of the Year - 25 points
GAME Division Fighter of the year - 15 points

In game ranking:
Highest rank - #1 25 points
Highest rank - #2 18 points
Highest rank - #3 15 points

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Pride Memorial? King of the Mountain Tourney

Next 20 events (non QFC)
AW 3 0 - 20 Feb 20 - Las Vegas
WCKD - 8 - Super Heavy Showdow - 21 Feb 20 - New York
Kickboxing Event AKT 15 - 21 Feb 20 - Amsterdam
PL MMA 15 Bizihwaeile vs Nicka - 21 Feb 20 - Las Vegas
HFC - Knock Out 3 - 21 Feb 20 - New York
Kickboxing Event Elite Thai Showdown: 5 - 21 Feb 20 - Tokyo
GAMMA#813 Spike v Saric - 22 Feb 20 - London
CEC 695 - 22 Feb 20 - Los Angeles
WPFC 49 - Knox vs. Dairy - 22 Feb 20 - New York
PFC 157 Aiken vs Alzheimer - 22 Feb 20 - Tokyo
RapidFC 64 - 22 Feb 20 - Sydney
Madness 36 Davidson vs Andrade - 22 Feb 20 - Montreal
WPFA XIV: Active vs Larkin 2 - 22 Feb 20 - St Petersburg
RRFC 29: Shabazz vs Kholin - 22 Feb 20 - New York
GC 335 Starker vs Coco - 22 Feb 20 - Las Vegas
FARTMMA 85 - 22 Feb 20 - St Petersburg
UnderGround FC 97 - 22 Feb 20 - Amsterdam
UnderGround FC 98 - 22 Feb 20 - Amsterdam
JAG Point vs Cole - 22 Feb 20 - London
WCF 11: Escalante vs Roland - 22 Feb 20 - Hilo
*TR11: BOAGRIUS VS. GARCON - 22 Feb 20 - Tokyo
Smaller fight org news
HFC Merger
The HFC Roster will be merging into this roster instead of the other way around. This roster is too large and structured to change it, so will be easier infusing the new fighters into this system.

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HFC has bought out SMASH. We will be merging SMASH fighters into the HFC to bolster our rosters. Due to SMASH being 350k+ and HFC bing 354k+, we will abandon our 360k plans and focus on 350+.
We will still offer fair fights, nothing will change but there will be better competition and more fighters in the pool.
More news and updates about this coming soon. What a day for the HFC. Tournaments starting today, our competition has closed their doors, ...[cont]

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SMASH merging into HFC
Hello MMA fans! I have come on board to manage the transfer process of SMASH merging into the HFC.

As a first step, all fighters will be put on a "loan" to the HFC so that you can still fight in upcoming events. As managers contact me, or JW from HFC, we can negotiate a release from contract or set you up with a new contract from HFC.

I know JW on a personal level, and I can tell you he's a stand up guy who likes to take care of his managers and fighters. He's ha ...[cont]

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A new fighting organisation established - here is what you need to know
upcoming fighting organisations have been a hot spot of new talents for top fighting Clubs all around the world, it is not shocking that we will cover even this newcomer!

"Rural Streets Combat" was established back in the 1960's by former scientist and army medic Rudolph Herrmeier, who himself trained in Boxing and Judoka.
As part of a special recruit unit after the second world war, undercover police men have been trained in mixed martial arts without the use of lethal fo ...[cont]

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155 FInals!!!
155lb 8 man final is Chicken Destroyer vs Masada the Zealot

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Updated Rankings (2/10/20)
WCF Top 5

135 Champ: Joey Horatius
1. Landon Cannon
2. Alessio Da Santiago
3. Darrion Vaughn
4. Chino Machida
5. Terrance Jackson

145 Champ: Pann Khumpai
1. Ryan Hall
2. Tyrell Jackson
3. Justin Purcell
4. Alessio Da Santiago
5. Talon Orion

155 Champ: Akhmed Dudayev
1. Sitichai Silachai
2. Chance Shamrock
3. Julius Turunen
4. Randy Marsh
5. Jimmy ...[cont]

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Tournament Brackets Available
Hello HARDCORE MMA fans!!

I have completed all the tournament brackets and posted them in our smack talk thread. You can visit the smack talk link above or visit to view the thread and copy/download the bracket your fighters are in to follow their progress and update on your own.

These brackets will be filled updated after each round of the tournament and posted in the smack talk thread.< ...[cont]

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360k +
Once creations start at the 360k mark, we will be heavily recruiting 360k+ fighters to make the transition to a 360k+ org. We will continue running with the 354k-359999 mark and maintain separate divisions within the weight class for the 360k+ fighters. Eventually, we will be fading out less populated weight classes to strictly 360k+.

More details on this and a possible co-org transition for 354-359k fighters to free up weight classes for the 360 movement.

We will ...[cont]

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Coming soon... a cage near you.

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Champion Stripped
Chelsea Dagger has been stripped of the 265+ LBS belt due to inactivity. We will be booking a title fight shortly.

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Newest events announced (non QFC)
PFC 165 - 04 Apr 20 - Tokyo
Madness Fright Night 32 - 01 Apr 20 - Montreal
Madness 41 - 28 Mar 20 - Montreal
JAG - TBD - 21 Mar 20 - London
Syn 677 - 28 Mar 20 - Los Angeles
JAG TBD 5 - 14 Mar 20 - London
Rural Champion 2 - 29 Feb 20 - London
Madness Fright Night 31 - 25 Mar 20 - Montreal
Madness Clown Chaos 2020 - 22 Mar 20 - Montreal
SAFO 44 - 07 Mar 20 - Las Vegas
HFC 6 - Slugs vs Lugar - 29 Feb 20 - Montreal
HFC Tournament Rd. 3 - 28 Feb 20 - New York
RRFC Challengers 30 - 11 Mar 20 - Las Vegas
UnderGround FC 105 - 21 Mar 20 - Amsterdam
F&BE 19 - Creation of Adan - 07 Mar 20 - St Petersburg
Conquest VII - 07 Mar 20 - London
CWC FULL CONTACT SPECIAL 2 - 08 Mar 20 - Los Angeles
Kickboxing Event GP FINAL - 29 Mar 20 - Las Vegas
Kickboxing Event Rising Dragon: 2 - 29 Feb 20 - Tokyo
Kickboxing Event Openweight GP: Round 1 - 29 Feb 20 - Tokyo
Other companies
Training sessions
4 per session. You know the drill. Just follow that rule
Welcome to Finnish MMA. We are here to offer superior trading at a reasonable price. We want to develop young local talent. We keep the gym small and training elite. If you are seeking a contract please reach out to me.
BJJ Sparring mon wed fri AM
wresting mon wed fri PM
Boxing Tue Thur Sat PM
MT Tue Thu Sat

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Welcome everyone!
Sparring schedule:
Monday: Boxing, both AM and PM

Do not exceed 4 fighters / session on trainers.

More sparring schedules will be added as they get planned out.

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Guilherme Goncalves becomes the new SAFO Featherweight Champion.
On 2-15-2020, Guilherme Goncalves defeated the previously undefeated Bardia Farrokhzad in the second round at SAFO 39 Gracie versus Turban.

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Private Gym
Brooklyn MMA is the exclusive training facility for Team Kuti.

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sold out
come in a week
or not

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the Syndicate
Alliance gym

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Come and Buy
Best supplements!!!!!
Come an try the #1 supplements in Mmatycoon only @UnderGround Supps in Amsterdamn

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We are a Filler Gym for new, up ní coming fighters. Good quality training for a good price. Join, develop your fighter & go on to do big things elsewhere. I bid you good health & a successful career!

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Changes coming
We regret to inform everyone that this gym will be closing down to the public and all fighters will need to find a new gym. These changes will take place in the next week or so. Thanks and good luck.

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Primary Sparring Schedule
Boxing: Monday AM, Friday PM
MT: Tuesday AM, Saturday PM
Wrestling: Wednesday AM, Saturday AM
BJJ: Thursday AM, Monday PM

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New coach added
A new coach has now been added to the gym meaning we now have 4 X Elite, 4 X Double Elite and 1 X Triple Elite.

The new coach is a double elite (Boxing and Muay Thai)

Happy training and any feedback on the gym just drop me a mail.

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New events
New events are now posted odds will be updated soon
Update 2/5/2020
Thanks for Joining this Gym. Spar Bots are provided for all 4 disciplines on Tu-Th-Sat.

GYM Fees will increase to $100 a week, and then eventually $175/wk. Current plans are to hire a CT coach first and expand into all 4 disciplines in this order: Boxing, Wrestling, BJJ, MT.

GYM Fees will be adjusted to allow for coaches to be paid for.

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Most recent events
Kickboxing EventWKBC 155 Finals - 20 Feb - Tokyo
PL MMA 14 Merlin vs Van Gaal - 19 Feb - Las Vegas
RRFC Challengers 27 - 19 Feb - Las Vegas
KOTM Tournament Final - 19 Feb - Los Angeles
Madness Fright Night 26 - 19 Feb - Montreal
#1 Contender Series 265 - 17 Feb - New York
Champion Series 155/185 - 17 Feb - New York
Kickboxing EventElite Thai Showdown: 4 - 17 Feb - Tokyo
Tokyo Monday Night Raw - 17 Feb - Tokyo
GC 334 Megaton vs Honda - 16 Feb - Las Vegas
CACC 56 - 16 Feb - Los Angeles
EMP Piano vs Tower 3 - 16 Feb - Los Angeles
#1 Series 135/145 - 16 Feb - New York
Syn 671 Whymer vs Magufuli - 16 Feb - London
PFC 156 Fett vs Wright - 16 Feb - Tokyo
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