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News from the top 20 fight organizations
C - Wayne Williams
1 - Obi Wan Kenobi
2 - Yodsawan Sitsongrit
3 - Qu�n L�
4 - Robin Williams
5 - Night Crawler


C - Yodsawan Sitsongrit
1 - Marcello Sosa
2 - Do Ho Joy
3 - Edson Bidon Barbosa
4 - Aishah Bin Sari
5 - Mike McLaughlin


C - Arzlan Bathory
1 - Domenico Mazziotti
2 - Artturi Reinikainen
3 - Osiris Egyptian ...[cont]

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[C] Renji Abarai (8-2-0)
1. Conner Travers (7-2-0)
2. Kazuo Imanari (13-2-0)
3. Clam Licker (6-3-0)
4. Kristof Pardi (9-4-1)
5. Sean O Malley (7-2-1)

[C] Ranger Alderidge (8-1-0)
1. Jesse Pinkman (6-0-0)
2. Ivan Kamenev (9-1-0)
3. Thorvald Nansen (9-3-0)
4. Grimmjow Jaegerjacquez (6-1-0)
5. Kain Mack (6-3-0)

[C] Jaxon Magrath (9-0-1)

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  Cowan looks to Retain Title
ENIGMA 45 on Sunday, 135 LB three-time defending champion Mickey "Kid Buzzsaw" Cowan (370184) 6-0 will take on challenger Will "Finger Blaster" Jackson (370107) 5-4. Jackson has rattled off four straight finishes all by KO to angle into the fight. Check out Betting Hero NY for odds and place bets! Will Cowan make history or will Jackson do the unthinkable?

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  GAMMA: Action Jackson (123097) Manager HOF Induction
I am proud to induct Action Jackson (123097) to the GAMMA Hall of Fame!

Action Jackson is a modern era elite level manager with success all over the MMA Tycoon world. In GAMMA he has had massive success already with one of his fighters also making it to the HOF.

His in cage record for GAMMA (as of May 2021) was 54-25-5, which puts him in the upper echelon's in terms of winning %.

He also has had a total of 25 super fights/title fights, which ranks hi ...[cont]

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  Synchronicity Rankings

C - Yodsawan Sitsongrit
1 - Wayne Williams
2 - Obi Wan Kenobi
3 - Qu�n L�
4 - Elroy Clarks
5 - Robin Williams


C - Yodsawan Sitsongrit
1 - Marcello Sosa
2 - Do Ho Joy
3 - Mike McLaughlin
4 - Edson Bidon Barbosa
5 - Aishah Bin Sari


C - Artturi Reinikainen
1 - Arzlan Bathory
2 - Domenico Mazziotti< ...[cont]

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  Staff Restructuring - 6th Sep 2021
Dear friends, due to my borderline unhealthy compulsion to continue signing any and all free agents available to the org, the roster numbers have swollen to something quite grotesque. This has never been a problem for offering fights in a timely manner as I have never cared about profit and so have happily booked five profit destroying events in a weekend if needs be. It has become something of a full time endeavor however and so for that I am happy to announce the signing of a couple new sla... ...[cont]

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  New Ownership
NYCL is under new ownership. We will be working with fighters at 375k and above.

Interested in a contract? Message Scott Bandz for more information!

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  MONTHLY RANKINGS (September 2021)
1. Li Xiaodong (11-3) - Champion
2. Bronson Lowrey (2-4)

1. Sylus Sativa (8-2) - Champion
2. Pablo Cruz (7-2)
3. Matthew Fritz (6-0)
4. Richmond Belvedere (4-1)
5. Renoa Gracie (3-2)

1. Darsin Bleak (11-0)
2. Francois Oosthuizen (10-1)
3. Shane MacManus (3-0)
4. Jack Sadler (7-4)
5. Cole Driscoll (3-2)


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BKFC is rebranding with new ownership into SICKNESS MMA! We will kick off a new rule set in October after current events have run their course.

10 minute rounds.
2x 10 minute rounds for normal fights.
3x 10 minute rounds for title fights.

whole fight judging system. (not the normal 10 point must)

Ring, not a cage. Just like Pride, these MMA events will take place in a ring. As much of a fan of cages as I am, a change of pace is wha ...[cont]

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  New Logo
So, Dead Disney and his company Carnage designed a logo for the org!

Thank you so much!

Also a huge shout out to The Dirty Needle Project which is nutrition partner at Kaptajnernes Træningscenter, the official gym og Odense MMA!

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