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GAMMA: July 2020 Recap

Org name: Global Association of MMA™
Fighters signed: 115
Number of events: 903
Base: Las Vegas
Owner: Mentor Guru Corleone
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GAMMA#846 Rones v Regueiro 2020-08-15 London
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145 Sala Barbo Lincoln Storm
155 Landon Priester Bobby Bobblehead
170 Joy Rones Santino Lombardo
185 Thomas Bolleke Bill Newton
205 Joosep Lőhmus Robert MacArthur Jnr
265+ Crotch Grabber Hiro Manowaru

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July 2020 recap

By Alika Webb

GAMMA#838 Bolleke v Falcone – July 4

185 title - Anthony Falcone © Vs Thomas Bolleke

Anthony Falcone managed to usurp the throne from Thomas Bolleke in a stunning upset, earning them both a win in their epic rivalry. Now the time was right to end the trilogy. As in their second fight, Anthony Falcone claimed dominance in the standup while Thomas Bolleke claimed supremacy on the ground. Theory and practice are always the same, in theory.

Anthony Falcone put the pedal to the metal, dominating the first two rounds with an armada of slapping kicks and stinging punches. Thomas Bolleke was hunting for a takedown and succeeded to take the fight down to the ground multiple times but Falcone effectively shut down Bolleke’s ground game, taking away the hunter’s most dangerous weapons. The hunter became the prey, Bolleke had his back pressed against the cage. But a cornered animal is a dangerous animal. Sensing he had nothing left to lose, he went out guns blazing. Bolleke managed to catch Falcone, hitting him right on the button. Anthony Falcone however weathered the storm and looked fresh as a daisy as he stepped out of his corner to start the fourth round. Appearances, however, can be deceiving. Bolleke stormed out of the gates, connected with one more punch and Anthony Falcone dropped like a sack of potatoes.

Winner: Thomas Bolleke by TKO (strikes) after 5 seconds in the fourth round.

GAMMA#839 Grabber v Horse – July 11

155 title - William Spud © Vs Bobby Bobblehead

William Spud had just won the GAMMA lightweight title and he needed an impressive first defense to solidify his reign. Bobby Bobblehead on the other hand was undefeated and wanted nothing more than to extend his already impressive 12 fight winning streak.

Another classic striker Vs grappler collision and much like Anthony Falcone Vs Thomas Bolleke, William Spud controlled most of the fight with his technical superior striking until world-class grappler Bobby Bobblehead caught lightning in a bottle. Bobby Bobblehead cracked Spud with a big right hand, sending him stumbling back against the cage before finishing him off.

Winner: Bobby Bobblehead by TKO (strikes) after 3 minutes and 58 seconds in the fifth round.

265+ title - Roar Horse © Vs Crotch Grabber

Roar Horse scratched and clawed his way to the top, defeating Sunray Spike to claim the belt was the highlight of a long and illustrious career, the icing on the cake however would be defeating the former number one pound for pound fighter in the world and former GAMMA superheavyweight champion Crotch Grabber. Crotch Grabber however was on a warpath after losing the title. He looked like did not walk through the curtain anymore to just defeat his opponents, rather he seemed intent to blast right through them.

Crotch Grabber did what he set out to do and that is to destroy. Roar Horse fought back best he could but there is no swimming against the current when you’re caught by a massive tidal wave.

Winner: Crotch Grabber by Submission (Triangle Armbar) after 2 minutes and 50 seconds in the very first round.

GAMMA#840 Damagon v MacArthur – July 11

205 title - Damagon Enchărya © Vs Robert MacArthur Jnr

Champion Damagon Enchărya and challenger Robert MacArthur Jnr went toe to toe in a brawl for the ages last time they faced off. Their last fight ended in a draw and these two heavy-handed strikers wanted nothing more than to end their unfinished business with a spectacular knockout.

Neither man wanted to give up the lead and they went at it like cavemen fighting for fire. They were kicking, punching and screaming all over the cage, sending the fans into a frenzy as a concert of thunderous strikes roared throughout the arena. Robert MacArthur Jnr had the champion hurt late in the fifth round but was unable to finish it, the judges however had seen enough and awarded him the victory.

Winner: Robert MacArthur Jnr by unanimous decision.

GAMMA#841 Benedetti v Rones – July 18

145 title - Sala Barbo © Vs Lincoln Storm

It took Sala Barbo several attempts to capture the prestigious GAMMA featherweight title but now that he finally had it hanging around his waist, he never wanted to part from it again. Possible party pooper on duty was Lincoln Storm, who had just made quite an impression in his promotional debut.

You know, this fight was all about the clinch

'Bout the clinch, no ground game

All about the clinch, ‘bout the clinch, no ground game

All about the clinch, ‘bout the clinch, no ground game

All about the clinch, ‘bout the clinch

Yeah, it's pretty clear, Sala Barbo doesn’t carry dynamite in his fists

But he can take it, take it, like world class fighters are supposed to do

'Cause the belt was on the line that all the fighters chase

And he’s got all the right technique in all the right places

We saw Lincoln Storm throwing everything but the kitchen sink, hoping Barbo would drop

Barbo was not looking for the ref, hoping for him to make it stop

If you got heart, heart, just raise your chin up

'Cause all those guys Barbo beat were perfect practice from the bottom to the top

Yeah, Barbo’s coach told him "don't worry about your fists being light"

He said, "there’s more than punching power to a fight"

You know his hands might never be described as a cannonball

So if that's what you're looking for as a fan, just go ahead and move along

You know, this fight was all about the clinch

'Bout the clinch, no ground game

All about the clinch, ‘bout the clinch, no ground game

All about the clinch, ‘bout the clinch, no ground game

All about the clinch, ‘bout the clinch

Winner: Sala Barbo by unanimous decision.

170 title - Mario Benedetti © Vs Joy Rones

Riding an impressive eight fight winning streak, newly crowned champion Mario Benedetti had to face a blast from the past as he faced former champion Joy Rones in a rematch. They carry a stunning 37 knockout wins on their combined records so fans were expecting fireworks.

Considering these two knockout artists have knockout power written on their fists, it is no wonder they come out swinging for the fences. They traded leather all night long, neither one wanting to back down from the fight but only one can walk away the victor.

Winner: Joy Rones by unanimous decision.

GAMMA#842 Bolleke v Newton – July 25

185 title - Thomas Bolleke © Vs Bill Newton

Once upon a time, there was a peacock named Thomas Bolleke. He was proud, always gladly showing off his shiny golden feathers. He enjoyed being the envy of all other animals. Bill Newton was a snake and he was not impressed by Thomas Bolleke’s performance. He was a snake, maybe not the greatest thing to look at but he was fast and lethal. He was a predator, he should be the envy of all animals. But the things was, not even a single female snake was paying him any attention, they were all mesmerized by the peacock’s shiny golden feathers. The snake thought and thought, concocting a plan to get rid of the peacocks golden feathers and make them his own. A golden feathered jacket would make him the envy of all other snakes. Female snakes would be swarming him like bees in no time.

One lazy afternoon, Thomas Bolleke tiptoed over a patch of mud to get to the river, looking to clean his feathers which were on the verge of losing their shiny edge. All of a sudden, a dirty snake shot out of the mud, splashing mud all over his feathers. Before the peacock knew what happened, the snake wrapped itself around the peacock, dragging it into the mud. The peacock felt his pride surge to the top and fought his heart out. They struggled for what felt like hours, wrestling in sticky depressing mud, the snake wrapping the peacock in submission holds the peacock had never even heard of but the peacock refused to give up. Finally, the peacock managed to turn the tables and ended up on top. He scratched and pecked at the snake until it slithered away in defeat.

The peacock tried to catch his breath, looking at his once so beautiful feathers. They were dirty, unkempt and not even close to shiny. He was but a shell of his former self. The other animals stared at him before walking away. But the thing was, he didn’t feel as rejected as he thought he would. In fact, he felt more alive than ever, adrenaline surging through his veins. A thought struck him like lightning. He was a fighting champion now. Being a champion does not mean your days are filled with beauty galore, rather it means those days are filled with violence and gore.

Winner: Thomas Bolleke by majority decision.

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