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Org name: Global Association of MMA™
Fighters signed: 103
Number of events: 873
Base: Las Vegas
Owner: Mentor Guru Corleone
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GAMMA#839 Grabber v Horse 2020-07-11 London
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GAMMA#843 2020-08-01 London
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145 Sala Barbo Petdee Sitsongrit
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170 Mario Benedetti Afeef Isa Baba
185 Thomas Bolleke Anthony Falcone
205 Damagon Enchãrya Robert MacArthur Jnr
265+ Roar Horse Sunray Spike

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2019 has gone by and it was another great year for the GAMMA.

In terms of the MMA Tycoon world, the game has never been in a better position from the point of view of top level organization. This is the first time in the history of the game that we have 5-6 PPV level organization. It even forced Mike (the admin) to add a new 92k arena in Tokyo, to balance out the demand for arena space.

This was also the first year we had the official "Super fight league", where all the top organizations participate in super fights. This was the season 1 final table:

Claymore Elite Combat = 39 Points
Global Association of MMA™ = 27 Points
Synchronicity = 20 Points
Pulse Fighting Championship = 14 Points
Empyrian = 11 Points
Pride = 4 Point

GAMMA was active in the super fights and we had some good wins, the the truth is that the results were less than stellar (especially during the summer months), so 2nd place was about as good as we deserved.

This was also the best year in GAMMA history in terms of total fighters hitting the #1 spot, we had a total of 3:

2019-03-16 Edward Kenway (253483)
2019-05-18 Pablo Maraçon (269807)

We also had several fighters reach top 10 status during the year as well:

2019-06-22 Pat Verbeek (266187) #2
2019-10-25 Bunt Jernit (289440) #2
2019-05-11 Diarmuid Curry (290234) #4
2019-10-05 Dao Sonnen (273645) #4
2019-03-30 Tyler Wrexham (301173) #5
2019-12-07 Foot Fungus (302783) #5
2019-02-23 FannyPack SissyPants (275388) #7

This year we also reinstated the GAMMA development league, which is the 3rd tier of the GAMMA pyramid structure:

All in all, this was a very sold year, with plenty of new records being broken. Keep up the good work guys!

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