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Title Published On Organization
New Beginnings in WPFA May-25-2020 WolfPac Fighting Alliance
Updated Rankings May-24-2020 World Combat Federation
F&B IS LOOKING FOR MERCH May-24-2020 Flesh & Blood Cage Fighting (350k+)
Synchronicity reopening our 135lbs Divsion May-24-2020 Synchronicity
General update May-22-2020 CALIFORNIA MMA (360+)
We are here to stay May-21-2020 Haze Outlaws Fighters
Empire: 4 Review May-21-2020 Empire MMA 360k+
GAMMA: Greatest Assembly of Managers May-18-2020 Global Association of MMA™
Tips for new Managers! May-18-2020 Checkmate Championship 355K+
5-17-20 Rankings May-18-2020 S.A Fighting Organization (345k+)
Rankings & More May-13-2020 Hardcore Fighting Championship
Empire: 3 May-12-2020 Empire MMA 360k+
RFC Rankings Week #19 May-11-2020 Rapid Fighting Championship 340k+
Updated Rankings May-10-2020 World Combat Federation
Press Release #1 May-10-2020 Ashbourne Events (360k+)
State of Madness May-10-2020 Madness MMA 350k
Empire 3 Preview May-09-2020 Empire MMA 360k+
Empire 2 Recap May-09-2020 Empire MMA 360k+
Smack talk thread May-09-2020 CALIFORNIA MMA (360+)
5-8-20 Rankings May-08-2020 S.A Fighting Organization (345k+)
New owner May-07-2020 CALIFORNIA MMA (360+)
RFC Rankings Week #18 May-03-2020 Rapid Fighting Championship 340k+
GAMMA: Hunter Jones HOF Induction May-03-2020 Global Association of MMA™
Empire: 2 Preview May-03-2020 Empire MMA 360k+
First Merch Partner Deal May-02-2020 Panda Fights
4-30-20 Rankings May-01-2020 S.A Fighting Organization (345k+)
360k+ k1 Apr-29-2020 Limitless K1 org 360k+
Rankings Apr-27-2020 Hardcore Fighting Championship
RFC Rankings Week #17 Apr-25-2020 Rapid Fighting Championship 340k+
Sucker Punch Pro Series - Fight Offer Acceptance Policies Apr-24-2020 Sucker Punch Pro Series 355k+
WPFA Hall of Fame Apr-24-2020 WolfPac Fighting Alliance
Empire 1 recap Apr-21-2020 Empire MMA 360k+
4-20-20 Rankings Apr-19-2020 S.A Fighting Organization (345k+)
Opening up Super Heavy Weigh Apr-19-2020 RAVEN (KT League)
Division Rankings Apr-19-2020 Hardcore Fighting Championship
RFC Rankings Week #16 Apr-18-2020 Rapid Fighting Championship 340k+
Syn 683 Preview Apr-17-2020 Synchronicity
Rankings 4-17 Apr-17-2020 S.A Fighting Organization (345k+)
Help us help you! Apr-16-2020 Empire State Fighting Championship (360k+)
Welcome to Sucker Punch Pro Series 355k+! Apr-15-2020 Sucker Punch Pro Series 355k+
Updated Rankings (4/12/20) Apr-12-2020 World Combat Federation
Division Rankings Apr-12-2020 Hardcore Fighting Championship
RFC Rankings Week #15 Apr-11-2020 Rapid Fighting Championship 340k+
Recruiting 360K ID level grapplers now Apr-07-2020 Catch Wrestling Championship
Welcome to Florida Fight Squad! Apr-07-2020 Florida Fight Squad (16-19 year old fighters only)
Official Rankings (4/5/20) Apr-05-2020 World Combat Federation
Division Rankings Apr-05-2020 Hardcore Fighting Championship
GAMMA: The year of Grumpy Apr-04-2020 Global Association of MMA™
RFC Rankings Week #14 Apr-04-2020 Rapid Fighting Championship 340k+
Welcome to Sucker Punch Pro Series 355k+! Apr-04-2020 Sucker Punch Pro Series 355k+
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