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Title Published On Organization
MMATycoon's Premier Grappling Org Feb-27-2020 Catch Wrestling Championship
Call out for Rural Champion 3 Feb-26-2020 Rural Streets Combat (358k+)
New Matchmaker hired ! Feb-26-2020 Rural Streets Combat (358k+)
New Montreal Org Opening! Feb-26-2020 Island Impact
Staff needed Feb-24-2020 Rural Streets Combat (358k+)
Pulse Org Update, Rankings, and Division Breakdown – 2/23/20 Feb-24-2020 Pulse Fighting Championship
On the rise with each event! Feb-24-2020 Checkmate Championship 355K+
265 and 265+ tournaments Feb-23-2020 World Kick Boxing Championship
Rankings Feb-20-2020 JAG Battle League (330k)
And new! Feb-18-2020 S.A Fighting Organization (345k+)
HFC Merger Feb-16-2020 HARDCORE Fighting Championship
Merger Feb-15-2020 Merging into HFC
SMASH merging into HFC Feb-15-2020 HARDCORE Fighting Championship
A new fighting organisation established - here is what you need to know Feb-13-2020 Rural Streets Combat (358k+)
2 events on the same night! Feb-13-2020 UnderGround Fight Club 340K+
2 Championship fights 2 Revenge fights Feb-13-2020 UnderGround Fight Club 340K+
155 FInals!!! Feb-12-2020 World Kick Boxing Championship
State of the MADNESS Feb-11-2020 Madness MMA 350k
Synchronicity Feb-10-2020 Synchronicity
Updated Rankings (2/10/20) Feb-10-2020 World Combat Federation
GAMMA: Award winners Feb-09-2020 Global Association of MMA™
Tournament Brackets Available Feb-09-2020 Merging into HFC
360k + Feb-08-2020 Merging into HFC
The return of the King Feb-07-2020 S.A Fighting Organization (345k+)
Coming soon... Feb-07-2020 Hearn Productions (360k+)
Champion Stripped Feb-06-2020 HARDCORE Fighting Championship
Upcoming changes Feb-04-2020 Flesh & Blood Espectacles (350k+)
GAMMA: Foot Fungus #1 Feb-03-2020 Global Association of MMA™
Checkmate Fight Night 2 Feb-02-2020 Checkmate Championship 355K+
Updated Rankings (2/2/20) Feb-02-2020 World Combat Federation
Tips for beginners Jan-28-2020 GAMMA: Development League (348k+)
New Event Partner Jan-28-2020 Flesh & Blood Espectacles (350k+)
GAMMA: All time greatest list Jan-28-2020 Global Association of MMA™
Rebranding Jan-28-2020 Merging into HFC
Titles! Jan-26-2020 S.A Fighting Organization (345k+)
Rankings Updated 1/24/20 Jan-25-2020 Merging into HFC
Tournament entries so far Jan-24-2020 Merging into HFC
Merchandise Partnership Jan-21-2020 Merging into HFC
155 tournament draw Jan-20-2020 World Kick Boxing Championship
HARDCORE Update Jan-20-2020 Merging into HFC
Updated Rankings (1/19/20) Jan-19-2020 World Combat Federation
Rankings Jan-18-2020 S.A Fighting Organization (345k+)
Upcoming Events Jan-18-2020 Merging into HFC
Championship Tournaments!! Jan-18-2020 Merging into HFC
Class Rankings 1/18/19 Pre Core Combat VI Jan-18-2020 Merging into HFC
GAMMA: Bubba Gumption HOF induction Jan-18-2020 Global Association of MMA™
Smack Talk Thread Jan-17-2020 Merging into HFC
Helpful Tips For Beginners Jan-16-2020 Conquest MMA (355k+)
Rankings Jan-16-2020 Merging into HFC
1st WCF Official Rankings Jan-15-2020 World Combat Federation
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