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A plea to the promoters...

This is somewhat of a plea to those who hold copyright on the original video used in the highlights displayed (indirectly) on this site, namely Zuffa, DSE and any other organisation featured.

I have always thought it would be fantastic if someone made a listing of highlights like this but one thing put me off making it myself - messages like this on sites such as You Tube...

"This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by ZUFFA,, LLC"

Not long ago there appeared to be a motioning from some MMA orgs to have all videos featuring their content removed from video sites such as YouTube. I would like to plead on behalf of all MMA fans for this not to happen. Of course, the removal of whole fights is wholly justified but highlights are a different matter and many of those are still being removed.

The creation of this page would certainly make it easy for the big orgs to keep tabs on where the videos are being posted and have them removed. Again, I would like to plead for that not to happen... It would be disastrous if a page designed to make life easy for MMA fans actually made it more difficult for them and for the amazing highlight makers.

Please guys, we really want to show how much we care about this sport... don't take down our highlights :(

Thank you!

Also - A note to Zuffa specifically

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