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MMA Highlight Videos

MMA Highlight Videos

One of the greatest things about MMA is the fanatical fanbase, some of whom make incredible highlight videos. It's almost the least we can do to put in the hours and compile a list of the best MMA highlights and at the same time, make it easy for all the MMA fans out there to get their fix! Long live MMA!

Highlight makers with 3 or more videos are given their own section - all others are grouped into the "others" section at the bottom.If you have a link you think we should add, email us here. For legal reasons we will not display any videos of whole fights.

Introducing Boondock. This highlight maker is quickly building up a highly impressive and unique selection of acclaimed videos. Aside from the spine tingling Furious Angels and 3rd Man, Boondock was initially known for his friendly digs at Giant Silva and James Thompson. Driving the JT warwagon, Boondock's video made famous the "I watch a lot of DVDs" line, a phrase which has gone full circle to be used by JT himself in his latest Pride FC press conference - "If you want to be a Pride fighter, just watch a lot of DVDs. That's my advice to people out there" - JT
Boondock Links

Furious Angels

3rd Man

A Matter of Pride


Tribute to an MMA Legend

MMA's Greatest Fighter and Future Pride/UFC HW Champion

Chuck vs Wand promo

Absolute 4


Genghis Con (aka Beatdown)
Genghis Con - A totally different and innovative style displayed in his GTT tiles. Very cool. The poor quality of internet streamed video doesn't really do them justice.
Genghis Con Links

Grand Theft Title 1

Grand Theft Title 2
Saitama City

Mercenaries Vol 1
Killers on the Payroll

Violent Finishes Vol 1

Violent Finishes Vol 2

Beef Vol 1
Sworn Enemies

Gesais "Jz" Calvancanti

Melvin Manhoef Highlight

Zelg Galesik

Yoshihiro Akiyama Highlight

Mercenaries Vol 2
The Japanese Connection

Ronin Vol 1

Ronin Vol 2

Mercenaries Vol 3
The Main Attraction

Murderers Row

Hollywood Henderson

Beef Vol 2
Takanori Gomi vs Chute Boxe

Genki Sudo
The Legend of The Samurai

Twilight Zone Episode 1
Silent Night


Hamoom (aka Chechen)
Introducing Hamoom / Chechen - Any more information on this highlight maker would be greatly appreaciated, please email us!
Hamoom / Chechen Links

Jiu Jitsu in MMA

Jiu Jitsu in MMA "Part Deux"

Shinya Aoki



Introducing Hero1 - Hero1 covers fighters that you wont find in many of the other highlights. Check 'em out!
Hero1 Links

Genki Sudo

Mirko CroCop

Rumina Sato

Enson Inoue

Tatsuya Kawajiri


Introducing Juggo - intro needed
Juggo Links

Don't Blink

Shock the World I

Shock the World II

Melvin "Young Assassin" Guillard 1

Melvin "Young Assassin" Guillard 2

Yves Edwards Highlight

Erik Apple Highlight

Renato "Babalu" Sobral Highlight


Introducing Keraslan - Created the JT Warwagon highlight... Need we say more?
Keraslan Links

JT Warwagon

Walking Wounded

The Red Devil

They Came From The East


Kuma Son
Introducing Kuma Son - Creates a wide range of boxing, kickboxing and MMA highlights. We're only displaying MMA/K-1 related videos here, so click the google or you tube links on the right to view the rest of his work. 'Interesting' soundtracks, featuring lyrics such as "Die motherfucker, die motherfucker die!" (on Devastation), So turn the sound off if you are easily offended.
Kuma Son Links

A Calm Rage


Iron Mike Zambis
(special non MMA inclusion)


Introducing Leyamaguth - I never spell this guy's name right, but he knows how to make a highlight.
Leyamaguth Links

Bad Blood

The Bad Blood Continues

Tap out or get hurt

Kid Yamamoto

Chute Boxe

Brazilian Top Team

Fedor Emelianenko

The Nogueria Brothers


Mick B
Introducing Mick B - intro needed
Mick B Links

So you want to be a Pride Fighter?

MMA HL Part 2

Cro Cop HL

Mark Hunt HL

Noguiera's Nemesis

Perfect Day

One Final Hit

Bianchi Connection

Jerome Le Banner HL


One Crazy Fist
Introducing One Crazy Fist
One Crazy Fist Links

Agony of Defeat

Randy Couture

Wanderlei Silva Career

He will be back (version 2)


Introducing PacquiaoShiEt - intro needed
PacquiaoShiEt Links

Chute Boxe

Chute Boxe: Rise of Power
(Wanderlei Silva HL)

Chute Boxe Vol 2: The Making of A Champion (Shogun Rua)

Chute Boxe

Absolute Power

Born again ass kicker
Rampage Jackson

Russian Experiment

Dan Henderson Highlight

Land of the Rising Sun


Rappy Gilmore / Legionarius XIII
Introducing Rappy Gilmore / Legionarius XIII - intro needed
Legionarius XIII Links

Rush 'n Attach

Mirko Cro Cop Highlight

Tom Kenney Highlight

Fedor vs CroCop

Aleks E HL

Pride 31 HL


Introducing Rhys - We know there are more Rhys highlights out there - if you have any on your computer, please upload them to one of the video sites and submit a link. Many thanks in advance!
Rhys Links

Ruthless Robbie Lawler HL


Introducing Rip_Dorey - intro needed
Rip_Dorey Links

Baret "The Finisher" Yoshida Highlight

Hideo Tokoro Highlight

Rumina Sato Highlight

Shooto Highlight

Kid Yamamoto Highlight

Dokonjonosuke Mishima


Robert Park
Introducing Robert Park - intro needed
Robert Park Links

Why do I watch MMA?

MMA Highlight

Kid Yamamoto Highlight

Sakuraba Highlight


Introducing Scottp999 - intro needed
Scottp999 Links

Vitor Shaolin Ribero HL

Pancrase Perfect

Remigijus Morkevicius HL

Pat Miletich HL

MMA Tribute Part 1

Alistair Overeem HL

Ralph Gracie HL


Introducing ThJoker - ThJoker is a HL maker with little experience and is not well known but makes alot of HL's. His HL types are much like movie trailers as they have dramatic sights and sounds. (intro provided by the man himself) :)
ThJoker Links

The Natural

Mixed Martial Arts

Fedor Emelianenko

MMA #1

MMA #2




The Thrill


Speed me towards death



Introducing Wamrage - intro needed
Wamrage Links

Never Say Die
20 Greatest Comebacks

Randy Couture Highlight

Mirko Cro Cop Highlight

Fedor vs CroCop
Pre-Fight Hype Video

Wanderlei Silva Highlight

The Knockout

The Prodigy

Takanori Gomi

Bushido 7

Critical Countdown 2005

Total Elimination 2005


Other MMA Highlights
Best of the rest! - The following highlight makers have made less than 3 videos that we are aware of. If you know of more videos by one of the users below, or if you have a video from an unknown HL maker, please let us know!

Chuck vs Rampage 2 promo

Duane Ludwig

Mirko CroCop

Don't fear me, fear the consequences
by Unknown

Don't fear me, fear the consequences 2
by Unknown

The Meaning of KTFO
by Jake Lo

Brutal MMA
by Pal Johnsen

Ken Shamrock HL
by Bulletproof

Mirko Filipovic HL
by Surfrider

No.1 Pride HW Contender
by Tony Moors

Speed Me Towards Death
by Tony Moors

What if Fedor was one of us?
by Hugo

HL-6 (Mirko CroCop)
by Hrvman


Miscelaneous MMA Videos - Direct Links
The following are direct links to interesting MMA videos... Not quite fitting of a spot in the above categories, but still well worth a look.
Rampage's hardest hits Rampage talks about who has hit him the hardest in his MMA Career... You might be surprised by who he picks.
Cro Cop Punks Mauro Former Pride Commentator Mauro Ranallo being punked by Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic, with the help of Bas Rutten.
Shamrock v Ortiz Press Conference  "So if I was you, I hope to god you come ready, because if you don't I am going to beat you into the living death" - Ken Shamrock
Chuck Liddell on Carson Daley  Interview with Chuck Liddell - post UFC47
Chuck Liddell on Inked Chuck punching some plonker in the arm. Duuuuuuuuuuude!
Pride vs UFC summary A video which summarises what most of us feel about Pride vs UFC threads.
Mirko Cro Cop - To the top 30 minute epic Cro Cop highlight.
MMA on 60 minutes MMA piece on 60 minutes - news segment (only works in internet explorer).
Ultimate Warrior was insane It pains me to include wrasslin but this is funny.
Andy Hug Highlight K-1 and Karate fighter
Fedor before Cro Cop fight A behind the scenes look at Fedor before his fight with Mirko Cro Cop.
Backstage with big Nog A behind the scenes video with big Nog, before his final fight with Fedor.
That Kiss Herring vs Nakau
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