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UFC Video Game news

UFC Video Game News
In January 2007 The UFC announced plans to release a UFC Video Game

Jan 2007 - "UFC signs new vidgame deal with THQ"

"THQ has long been a purveyor of sweaty, half-naked men grappling with one another, having published numerous wrestling games based on the WWE in the past decade, as well as several WCW titles before that. Today the company announced that it would add to that heritage with an exclusive worldwide licensing deal to publish games based on the Ultimate Fighting Championship brand through 2011.

Unlike THQ's other aforementioned licenses, the UFC is an unscripted competition in which combatants from around the world enter an eight-sided cage known as The Octagon and fight each other with few ground rules. Part of the UFC's attraction is the mixing and matching of different martial arts used by its fighters, including kickboxing, karate, judo, wrestling, boxing, and more.

Under the agreement, THQ is able to create games for all current and next-gen platforms, handhelds, and PCs. The publisher also gets "certain wireless rights" under the deal.

The UFC has been running Pay-Per-View events since 1993, but in recent years has found growing prominence on cable, with the reality TV series "The Ultimate Fighter" entering its fifth season on Spike TV. The UFC is also one of Microsoft's content partners for downloadable shows over Xbox Live Video Marketplace.

Several game companies have taken a swing at the license before, starting with Crave's Ultimate Fighting Championship on the Dreamcast, which was developed by Anchor. While it was critically well received, subsequent UFC games did not fare as well, and the license has been dormant since 2004's UFC: Sudden Impact.

THQ has not yet announced a developer or a release window for the first game".

UFC Game Preview

Check out the video below for a preview of the UFC video game.




MMA Video Game Reviews
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There hasn't been an MMA video game released since 2004, but you can find reviews for the most recent releases below

UFC: Throwdown


Selected User Reviews from
1. This is my favorite fighting game I have played. It combines striking with wrestling, letting you beat an opponent if you are skilled enough, even when you are about to get knocked out. Every fighter has his own patented moves and style, adding to the diversity of the game. My friends and I never get tired of the bone crunching hits and submissions. Unlocking new moves and fighters keeps things interesting while playing solo. If you want the most realistic way of beating people - without actually doing it, get UFC throwdown.

2. UFC Throwdown is a decent game. Not really much more to say than that. You either like it or hate it. Graphically, it's pretty basic and sometimes during truly intense match-ups, choppy. Realism is very good. Length of the average match, about 20 seconds. Again, you should rent this if anything else first because I'm sorry but no one deserves a ($) hole in their wallet. Have fun and Happy Gaming!

Average User Rating (Amazon) 3.5/5
Released: 2002
Available on Playstation 2 | Gamecube
UFC: Sudden Impact


Selected User Reviews from
1. If you like Pride FC you might also enjoy this game. The good news is that the button scheme is basically the same in both games. The controls are a bit slower and less responsive then Pride, but they are certainly playable. The facial damage feature is a great addition, but the damage sometimes looks like clay figure wounds (not real wounds).

There is alot of fighters, but alot of them are fighters that most people dont care about. Pride FC had a fantastic fighter line up. This one is larger, but less charasmatic. The game modes add more replayability then pride. You need to win a very difficult championship mode to unlock hidden fighters and there is also a create your own fighter mode. The create a fighter system is pretty crappy. If you like MMA, give this a try.

2. This is best UFC game on the market, but I think that there is a lot of room for improvement. I didn't expect this game to be amazing, but I think after a couple more releases a great one will come on the horizon.

Average User Rating (Amazon) 3.5/5
Released: 2004
Available on Playstation 2
Pride FC


Selected User Reviews from
1. This game is much better than the UFC games that are out. The UFC games seem to have too much inconsitency in its fights. A stand-up striker should not be able to submit a submission master within 10 seconds (50 seconds their time) in every fight. Every UFC game is simple, no challenge. Pride FC is more realistic in the fighting aspect. There is a wide variety of moves, animations, and quality fighters. Pride has the best fighters in the world, and this game provides all of the ones from a few years ago. Most importantly, Vanderlei Silva is present.

2. There is one thing wrong with this game.... it takes all of about 10 seconds to win a match. The game goes by WAY too fast. And just like the guy above, the Grand Prix thing I beat about 4 times on the hardest difficulty on the first day... this game just isn't challenging. I am yet to play the UFC games (which was what I wanted in the first place), but I'm sure they have this game beat by a long shot.

Average User Rating (Amazon) 4/5
Released: 2004
Available on Playstation 2
K1 World GP


Selected User Reviews from
1. this game really surprised me. i bought it used because i'm a fan of k1, mma, etc... and this has got to be one of the most original games visually, etc...i love everything about this game. all the fighters have their own actual strikes,.'s very well made. i highly reccomend it.

2. I was looking forward to this game. But in a lot of ways it let me down. First off is that its to easy. You can beat this game easily if you strike low, high, low, high repeatedly. Also the graphics are medicore at best. Its fun for a couple days after that its just not desirable anymore. Some of the redeeming qualites is that there is a ton of unlockable stuff. Fighter clips, etc. Which was cool but I would rather have spent my $40.00 on a couple K-1 shows and actually watched the Fights! Stick with Pride FC which is a better game. Even though Pride FC needs a one player career. Or buy Virtua Fighter 4 evolution. Both of these are better than K-1.

Average User Rating (Amazon) 4.5/5
Released: 2003
Available on Playstation 2

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