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RISE 93 Oloishona v Granger PBP Commentary

Kakka changes levels and looks for a double leg takedown. Shinjo tries to avoid it but Kakka manages to keep hold of a leg and drag Shinjo to the ground. Shinjo escapes though and pops straight back up to his feet.
Shinjo looks like he wants to counter punch here.
Shinjo throws a series of punches but Kakka avoids them all with ease.
Shinjo pushing out the jab but it's not landing.
Kakka appears to be looking for a counter punch to the body.
Shinjo throws the left hand but Kakka avoids the punch easily.
Shinjo throws out a powerful jab.
Kakka rushes forward with a series of wild hooks but Shinjo moves out of range and avoids them all easily.
Shinjo cracks a nice hook into Kakka's ribs.#KD2#
Shinjo drops Kakka with a beautiful combination! Kakka stares up at his opponent, who ushers him back to his feet - Shinjo is looking for the KO!#ROC2#
Kakka is rocked!
We've seen a great period of action over the last minute or so - credit to both fighters for going all out!
Shinjo moves in close and cracks Kakka with a massive right hand! Kakka, frozen momentarily in time, tumbles to the canvas, already out cold! A brutal knockout by Shinjo!

Ladies and gentlemen, after 0:35 of round 1, we have a winner by way of KO (Punch). Altansarnai Shinjo!
A relieved looking Altansarnai Shinjo thanked the fans for their support and gave the usual line about them being amazing. They seemed to believe that he actually meant it.
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