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RISE 37 PBP Commentary

Oliveira looks to score with a jab to the body but Ammond is just out of range.
Ammond checks a low kick from Oliveira.
Ammond moves into range and lands a nice body kick. #CL#
Ammond clinches up with Oliveira and pushes him back against the cage.#TD#
Ammond gets the body lock takedown. After a quick scramble, Oliveira regains guard.
Ammond trying to control but Oliveira is working from the bottom.
Ammond wants to pass the guard but Oliveira is keeping the position.
Oliveira controlling Ammond's posture.
Oliveira keeping full guard, as Ammond tries to pass.
We've had a slow start to the round here - hopefully the action picks up.
Oliveira controls Ammond momentarily but Ammond frees himself.
Ammond landing some decent shots from guard.
Oliveira controls Ammond momentarily but Ammond frees himself. #T1#
Ammond postures up and lands a big shot to Oliveira's brow.
Ammond wants to pass the guard but Oliveira is keeping the position.
Ammond stops Oliveira from standing up.
Ammond working from the guard for now, landing some ground and pound.
Hammerfist, elbow! yells Ammond's corner. There ya go! There ya go!
Oliveira is trying to control the position from the bottom.
Ammond lands a nice shot whilst sitting in his opponent's guard.
Ammond lands a couple of digs.
Ammond pushes down on Oliveira's leg and manages to get into half guard.
Ammond moves nicely into side control.
Ammond tries to move into full mount but can't pass Oliveira's legs. #SUB#
Ammond is trying to get an arm triangle but Oliveira is defending well.
The fighters are pressed up against the cage, both looking to find a bit of space to work.
Oliveira is trying to improve his position.#T2#
Ammond is working Oliveira over with some ground and pound from side control. #SUB#
Ammond tries for a kimura. Not really close to a finish though.
Oliveira told us pre-fight that he has been working on his escapes in training. Let's see if he can call on some of his new skills to get back to his feet.
Ammond in side control lands a decent elbow. #SUB#
Ammond goes for an armbar! This could be all over! Wait, no, Oliveira rolls with the submission and now he's on top in Ammond's guard! Nice work there by Oliveira!
This is a great period of action - very entertaining stuff!#SUB#
Ammond is throwing his legs up, looking for submissions. Oliveira is aware though and is defending well.#SUB#
Ammond is looking to cinch up a triangle. Oliveira throws the leg off to one side though and gets in tight to Ammond's body to avoid the submission. Ammond has instead reached around Oliveira's neck and now has a guillotine! Oh, this is biiiig trouble! Ammond arches his back and squeezes and forces the tap from his hapless opponent.

Ladies and gentlemen, after 2:59 of round 1, we have a winner by way of Submission (Guillotine). Wale Ammond!
Wale Ammond really struggled to get his t-shirt on before his hand was raised. Making sure that Pit Bull Development logo gets some air time is pretty tricky when you're all sweaty.
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