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PFC 42 McGuire vs Mayhem PBP Commentary

Reich misses with a body shot. Nice footwork from Snitch.
Reich looks to have improved his striking defense since last time we saw him fight.
Reich moving in and out of range nicely, whilst landing the scoring shot.
Snitch throws a jab but it's blocked by Reich.
Reich throws a lazy body kick
and Snitch counters with a straight right hand.
Reich throws an off balance right hand
and Snitch counters with a crisp hook to the side of the head.
Snitch uses good footwork to get in and out, landing a nice hook.
Snitch with a poor takedown
letting Reich counter with a right hand.
A jab from Reich misses.
Snitch fails with the takedown.
Snitch rushes in with a sloppy looking punch
and Reich counters with a good right hand that lands right on the jaw.#CL2#
Snitch moves into range and clinches up with Reich.
Fantastic stuff here - a very entertaining period of action, which has drawn cheers from the crowd.
Reich swings wildly with an uppercut but Snitch uses good head movement to avoid it.
Snitch dictating the pace here, as the fighters clinch against the cage.
Both guys are working to get underhooks. #T1#
Snitch blocking some punches.
Reich misses with a hook from the clinch.
Reich scores with a nice hook to the head.
Reich gets double underhooks to prevent a takedown attempt from Snitch.
Jarred Reich has stuffed three takedown attempts in the round now. That's going to take a lot out of Jon Snitch.
Snitch leaning against his opponent.
Snitch is struggling to control the position.
Snitch lands with a quick shot inside that doesn't really do much damage.
A head punch blocked on the inside by Snitch.
Stalling in the clinch from Snitch.
A head punch on the inside from Reich fails to land.
An uppercut on the inside fails to land for Reich. #T2#
Reich lands a body shot in the clinch.
Snitch trying to stall but Reich improves his position.
The referee calls for Snitch to work.
Reich tries a shoulder strike but it doesn't do any damage.
Reich goes for a body shot but it's blocked.
The pace slowing considerably in the clinch, as Snitch takes a break from that fighting nonsense to think about the finer things in life.
The ref breaks the fighters up, due to lack of action by Jon Snitch.
Snitch throws a jab but it's blocked by Reich.
It appears Reich was looking to counter with a kick there.
Reich misses the jab.
Snitch tries to clinch up.
Snitch tries for a takedown but Reich sees it coming a mile off and avoids it easily.
Reich misses with a kick to the body
and Snitch counters with a three punch combination, finished off with a leg kick. Nice work.
This has been an exciting period of action!
Snitch slips under a jab from Reich.
Jab by Snitch.
Snitch pushing out the jab but it's not landing. #T3#
Reich lands with a thumping leg kick.
Snitch lunges in with an uppercut that skims his opponent's chin.
Snitch tries to shoot in for a takedown. He's got hold of a leg but Reich swivels and escapes.
Reich takes one on the button.
The fighters circle momentarily. Snitch darts into range and connects with a nice straight punch.
Snitch wants to clinch but Reich slips to the side
and Reich makes him pay by landing a thudding low kick.
Reich fakes a head shot and lands one to the body.
Snitch tries to close the distance and clinch but Reich swats him to one side with an open hand palm strike and circles away.
Snitch has his head snapped back a nice jab. A little nod from Snitch there as he acknowledges the shot.
A punch combination from Snitch misses.
Snitch misses the jab.
Jarred Reich is looking to keep the fight on the feet at all costs.
Reich scoring well with a low kick there.
Wooooo! Give it up for these two warriors! They are putting on a show!
Reich misses the jab.
Reich thows a left - swing and a miss!
Snitch ducks right into an uppercut from Reich. #T4#
Snitch clobbers Reich with an overhand right that has the crowd gasping. That made a horrendous noise.
Snitch tries to clinch there but Reich circles away.
Snitch takes a jab right on the nose. That must have hurt but he shrugs his shoulders and looks to return the favor.
Snitch misses with a double jab.
Snitch lunges in with swinging rights and lefts but Reich circles away quickly and effectively.
That kick from Reich tenderised Snitch's leg. Snitch is trying to keep his angry face on.
Snitch cracks Reich with a hook to the jaw. Both fighters smile at eachother and high-five before getting back down to business.
Snitch throws an off balance right hand
and Reich counters nicely by changing levels and landing a hook to the body.
Snitch cracks Reich with a right hand to the side of the head.
Snitch throws a monster uppercut resembling something out of street fighter but it doesn't land.
Reich connects with a solid leg kick.
Reich connects with a superb combination that knocks Snitch out cold! The referee charges across the mat and tackles Reich before he can land any more shots to the unconscious Snitch!

Ladies and gentlemen, after 4:51 of round 1, we have a winner by way of KO (Punches). Jarred Reich!
A very excited looking Jarred Reich made sure he remembered to thank all the fans both in the arena and on the internet. He said all the coolest people spend all day on MMA websites, which got a big reaction.
Jon Snitch was interviewed post fight and said 'This loss will make me better, I will be back.'.
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