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RISE 30 - Aron vs Orndorf PBP Commentary

Changggg connects with a body shot.
Changggg cracks Oliveira with a hook to the jaw. Both fighters smile at eachother and high-five before getting back down to business.
A head kick by Oliveira misses
and Changggg counters with a nice low kick that buckles Oliveira's knee momentarily.
No joy there for Oliveira, who threw a few shots but didn't land.
Changggg works Oliveira's body with a nice hook.
Oliveira misses with a low kick as Changggg jumps back.
Changggg paws at his opponent with the jab and then lunges in with a straight, right on the button.#CL#
Oliveira clinches up against the cage.
Oliveira tries to pull guard but Changggg won't allow it.
Oliveira takes an elbow to the forehead.
Changggg lands a right hand that snaps the head of Oliveira backwards.
Changggg lands an elbow just above Oliveira 's eye.
Fantastic stuff here - a very entertaining period of action, which has drawn cheers from the crowd.
Changggg tries to work over Oliveira's body with a swooping hook but it only glances the target.
Changggg landing knees to the body.
Changggg lands a right uppercut that snaps the head of Oliveira backwards.
Oliveira misses with a hook to the ribs.
Nice body punch from Changggg.
Changggg creates a bit of space for himself and sneaks an elbow through Oliveira's defenses.
Changggg prevents the takedown attempt. #T1#
Oliveira trying to land knees to the body.
A knee to the head by Changggg.
Changggg lands an elbow just above Oliveira 's eye. #TD#
Oliveira tightens his grip and picks Changggg up, before dumping him to the ground. Changggg manages to land in guard.
Changggg controls Oliveira momentarily but Oliveira frees himself.
The fighters are pressed up against the cage, both looking to find a bit of space to work.
Oliveira advances to half guard.
Changggg has a hand on Oliveira's thigh, trying to get back to full guard. Oliveira takes advantage of the position though and mounts him!
Changggg felt the need to train up his defensive grappling in the buildup to the fight. Presumably he was expecting to be in a difficult position like this, so let's see if he can get out of it.
Oliveira seems to be looking to move to his opponent's back but Changggg is holding on tight. #SUB#
Oliveira has control of Changggg's right arm, working for a kimura. It's a bit of a token attempt though and Changggg regains control of the situation pretty easily.
Changggg is looking to improve his position but Oliveira isn't that keen on the idea.#T2#
Changggg tries to lock up and control but Oliveira gives him a forearm to the face and pushes him away.
Oliveira trying to control but he's not successful this time.
The crowd cheering loudly, showing their appreciation for the quality fight we're seeing here.
The ref warns both fighters not to hold the cage as they work up against the meshing.
Oliveira with shots to the head and body - Changggg looks very uncomfortable down there.
Changggg tries to hold on but Oliveira postures up.
Changggg is trying desperately to improve position.#T3#
The fighters are starting to get a bit slippery now, which will make submissions a bit more difficult.
Oliveira tries to control but Changggg wriggling away.
Changggg is looking to improve his position but Oliveira isn't that keen on the idea.
Oliveira looks to be in better condition than last time we saw him fight. Obviously he's been working hard on his cardio.
Oliveira looking to control but Changggg is working nicely, looking to advance position himself.
Oliveira is landing with some decent strikes but Changggg is trying to advance his position so the referee is letting the fight continue.
Changggg really doesn't want to stay on the ground with Oliveira. If he can't get it back to his feet, it's only a matter of time before he'll be tapping out.
Oliveira lands a couple of good shots and Changggg has given up his back, trying to escape the position!
Changggg is trying to stand back up. #SUB#
Oliveira is working hard for the rear naked choke here. #T4#
Oliveira controlling well, preventing Changggg from escaping the position. #SUB#
Changggg showing good submission defense here. #SUB#
Oliveira is cranking Changggg's head sideways - that looks painful. He's managed to get his other arm under the chin and this looks bad for Changggg! He's tightened the choke and Changggg is tapping out!

Ladies and gentlemen, after 4:44 of round 1, we have a winner by way of Submission (RNC). Ricardo Oliveira!
A victorious Ricardo Oliveira thanked his army of followers in his post fight interview, telling people to make sure they follow him on Twitter.
Pedro Changggg spoke after the fight, saying 'FUCK YOU & GO SHOP AT ORGANIC NUTRITION'.
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