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PL MMA 20 Pinochet vs Mencken PBP Commentary

Dhelan fails to land the takedown.
Beltran tries to drive through with a takedown attempt but Dhelan defends well and Beltran ends up having to push Dhelan into the cage where they will battle it out in the clinch.#TD#
Dhelan feints and then dives in with a takedown. That was a long way out but the feint bought him enough time to close the distance and complete the takedown. Now we'll play guard for a bit and see who can get the better of that position.
Dhelan wants to control from the top but Beltran keeps moving.
Dhelan has been talking about how he's improved his wrestling in the run up to the fight so let's see if that's enough to sway the balance.
The ref warns both fighters not to hold the cage as they work up against the meshing.
Dhelan looking to pass the guard.
Dhelan wants to control from the top but Beltran keeps moving.
We've had a slow start to the round here - hopefully the action picks up.
Beltran keeping full guard, as Dhelan tries to pass.
Dhelan wants to control from the top but Beltran keeps moving. #T1##SUB#
Dhelan thinks about going for a leg but decides against it, in order to maintain the position.
Beltran is trying to stand up but he's not managed so far. #REF3#
The ref stands the fighters back up due to a lack of activity.
Beltran tries to close the distance and clinch but Dhelan swats him to one side with an open hand palm strike and circles away.
Dhelan digs a good hook to Beltran's body.
Beltran fails with a takedown attempt.
Dhelan misses with an uppercut. Beltran saw that one coming.
Nice defenses there by Beltran.#TD2#
Beltran closes the distance and looks for a trip takedown... aaaand he's got it - Beltran lands in his opponent's guard.#SUB#
Dhelan has his foot on Beltran's thigh. He's trying to push off and get in position for a triangle, I think. Beltran works his way back into a safe position though.
Dhelan wants to sweep but no luck.
Beltran loading up with the ground and pound but he's missing more than he's landing in this flurry. #T2#
Dhelan wants to sweep but no luck.
Dhelan trying to keep a closed guard but Beltran is proving a slippery customer. #SUB#
Beltran got a little sloppy there for a moment and Dhelan has worked his way into a loose triangle - can he finish it?! No, Beltran has managed to get both his arms back between Dhelan's legs - danger averted.#SUB#
Dhelan looking for a guillotine here but Beltran defends easily.
Dhelan might be looking to lock onto one of his opponent's long limbs for a submission, whilst we're on the ground.
Dhelan is looking to sweep but instead, Beltran has passed into half guard. #SUB#
Dhelan is looking to sinch up a guillotine here but Beltran pulls his head out easily. #SUB#
Dhelan is looking to sinch up a guillotine here but Beltran pulls his head out easily.
This has been an exciting period of action!
Dhelan works his way to full guard. Good work.#T3##SUB#
Dhelan is working actively from the bottom, looking for submissions. He's escaped his hips to the side and he's going for an armbar! Beltran has his hands clasped together but Dhelan extends and breaks Beltran's desperate grasp, forcing a tap out due to armbar! Nice BJJ displayed there by Dhelan.

Ladies and gentlemen, after 3:24 of round 1, we have a winner by way of Submission (Armbar). Zhan Dhelan!
Zhan Dhelan was full of energy after the big win and talked about how he thinks he can do big things in this sport. The crowd were appreciative of his determination to succeed.
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